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EOTW ~ home stretch


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Okay, I got majorly sidetracked by life over the autumn, but I am now almost finished EOTW! Rand & Co. have just emerged from The Way. My opinion of the book only gets better as I read more of it. Apart from some very minor criticisms, I have to say this really is the best "fantasy" novel since Tolkien (up to 1990, anyway!). Grand stuff. I am recommending it right & left and I even gave a copy to someone! When I'm finished, I'll post a long review, around New Year's Day. I just thought I'd drop in & follow up on my posts from August.


Happy Holidays everyone! I know what I'll be doing Xmas Eve after I watch the Dr. Who special with my nieces ;) Maybe I'll even stay up real late & polish it off....

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Your first read? That's nice. I wish I could wipe the books from my memory and enjoy them anew all over again...


Padan Fain is outta control!


I read it in 1990 but all I remembered was the Two Rivers stuff & the fact that I liked it. So, yeah, it's all "new" to me!

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