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just out of the darkwood


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"Hello? UH,hello?"... ...Hmmm,standing on a stool...pitch black, no echo..."I'm still in the pattern,right? uh, right?"(Sniffs, scratches)"I mean, the wheel isainde going to just kick me out of the weave, what ever it wills...right?...Tsang!"Oh,wait, I'm moving!...no I'm not,yes I...Blood and bloody ashes!?...oh hey, there's a light! I AM moving!"...Almost there...AHH!"(Stool stops, stumble begins, finishes with a flourish and a face full of dragonmount. Stands,spotchecks for audience,dusts off, nods with accomplishment and grins his grinniest)."Well heyyy,that wasn't so bad!"(starts stalking around for hands to shake)

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"Oh,sorry",*wipes grubby palm on breeches,hands the lady a kerchief*"had a bit of a spill back there".*Smiles sheepishly,then,holding his left elbow,right thumb under chin,tapping his lips with forefinger,he ponders*... ..."hmmm,Truth to tell,and tell I shall...after near 20 years of reading and rereading the books,as well "The Complete Wheel of Time",(can't recall the author at present-outdated,but informative),I've na'er given much thought to forsaken...Asmodean,(not in presesent form)...Always had a soft spot for the li'l sniv'ler types,*shrugs*...Graendel...Compulsion!And to such extent!by the light and My hope, not Graendal!!!...*Arms akimbo,he watches his right toe scrape side to side,in ponderous ponder...then smiles,honest apology clear in his eyes*,"IIII don't know".*Brightens*On the lighter side!?...I consider Egwene to be the best overall for her greatness of heart, but favorite?it would have to be that poor shlep that just wants to dandle tavernmaids on his knee and watch the pips roll his way now and then,but winds up in trouble multiferous!Always held a small grin when reading his exploits.AAAAAAnywaaaay...Thank you for the welcome,I have none in my circle with any interest in WoT, and it's nice to have it float the synapses e'en when not engaged in bending spine.I would ask a favor if I may...what you've posed,I would like to return, and beg reply,(the give being not half as good as the take, and another angle at the pattern greatly appreciated).Thank you again your welcome,and please forgive my verbositinousness,(if such...?)I look forward to learning. May you walk in the light.

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