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WOT - A Different Approach


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I've been thinking about this for a while now and from all the posts of the forum and general discussions there has been a total lack of comments from this point of view and I think it could get some creative juices going....well possibly:


If you were the this type of person (I mean a character not described from the book), how would the world around you be changing, from book 1 to the end?


1. A farmer from the two rivers?

2. An infantry soldier recruited into the white tower?

3. Watching your friend and neighbour pass the test to become an ashaman?

4. As above but being recruited by the women of the sea (I don't remember their name so please forgive).


I could go on but what I'm trying to possibly understand - in another way to the main characters of the books is: how has the events of the false dragon as well as the dragon reborn affected the "average joe"?


Anyway just a thought...



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Farmer from the TR..


"Flaming foreigners, coming into our country with their outlandish ways and outrageous dresses, bringing in all this different stuff, who's going to want MY wool and tabac now.."


Infantry soldier to the WT:


"Why do they need me? Haven't they got the One Power to do their fighting for them.. Oh. Oh well. Where's that practice sword.. To be honest, they flaming scare the Light out of me, and that's the truth. Keep my head down and don't attract notice. When are we going to get some decent food? Can't this Dragon Reborn go off and bother someone else?"


Friend becomes an Asha'man:


"Oh that's just great, that is. I've known this guy since we were in nappies. And now he can channel.. He'll go mad. That's a shame, he was a good uy to go drinking with, we had good times, why does he want to do this channelling stuff anyway..


.. and why can't I channel? The power it gives you.. must be just great. Think I might have a go.."


Friend joins the Atha'an Miere:


"But she can't swim!! What's she want to go to sea for? She'll drown! Anyway, I didn't think they took recruits from people here on land, how did she manage it?.. Still, could be quite an adventure, I suppose, go and see lots of places, meet new people. she might find some good-looking men.. I wonder..?"

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A good question, and some food for thought.


I think however, it is not discussed much because it is evident in the books. One of my favourite things about the WoT is the sense of a total WORLD, not just the events of a few characters. The world itself, for many readers, comes alive, so that these questions don't need to BE asked, because we already feel and know the changes as they happen in the books.


As FSM pointed out, there are lots of little snippets from various people of all walks of life, that it just becomes natural for the reader to know these things.


Obviously, that will not be the case with every reader, but that's my reasoning why it isn't talked about much on the forums.

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