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Long Time Lurker...

Crowl Rife

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Hey there, I've been lurking on sites like Dragonmount, TarValon.net, Wotmania, etc ever since they came into being. I used to even browse the old newsgroup back in the mid-90s. I was active on TarValon for a while when Knife of Dreams came out, but moved on to other things for awhile.


I've been reading the series since 1992, so I've been waiting a long time for the end. Over the years I read up on a lot of the theories and content, and finally decided now to participate a bit since the end is almost here. I've been blogging on each entry in the series since May, when I started what will be my last re-read in a long while. I'm going to copy them here in the blog section - they aren't in-depth analysis of the books, just general impressions of each one when I first read it vs. reading it now, as well as what was going on in my life and how the world has changed since the series started (i.e. there was no internet like today when it started, I only knew a few people who read this back then).


Anyway, I'll be browsing the forums as usual and for all who manage the site, keep up the good work.

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Hi and welcome to DM!!


You were a lurker too? :D What do you like about DM the most?


Who is your least-favorite character?


Feel free to ask if you happen to have any questions!


I hope you will like it here!! :)


Yeah I've lurked on these sites forever. I check it for any WoT related news.


I would have to say that Cadsuane is my least favorite character. I understand what she's trying to do but the way she goes about it I find annoying. :)

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Hello and welcome. Will you be participating in many of the theory discussions then?


Which parts and characters are your favorites?


Welcome to dm, and if you have any questions just ask :D


Thanks. I don't know if I'll participate in them, I like reading them and it's interesting to see what other people come up with, but in general I've never been one to dissect the work or formulate theories. Reading them has definitely opened my eyes to aspects of the series I wouldn't have otherwise noticed, so I hope people keep doing them.


Mat has generally been my favorite character. The Aelfinn/Eelfinn arc has been one of my favorites, as well as the stuff with Rhuidean.

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Oh! The Artist ones? Will you be posting your work? And that's great, I can't wait to start seeing you around. Never hesitate to pounce into a conversation around DM, we always want more people pitching in :D


Thanks. I may post some of my work. I've been writing on and off for many years, only recently decided to do some self-publishing as I'm tired of just leaving them sitting on a hard drive. :)


I love Mat's storyline too. Mainly with the Band and Olver and Tuon for me though.


Oh and yes love another voice in discussions :D


Yeah Mat's storyline is pretty dynamic, he's always got something interesting going on and he's the most likable and easiest to identify with. I liked Perrin more at first, but lost interest in him after he started wandering about in Ghealdan for six books.

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