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Ciao a Tutti! (Hello to you all!)


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Hi members of Dragonmount! (bows)

I'm pretty new, definitely a newbie in WoT, and I've just finished "The Dragon reborn". I really love this story, and I'm glad it is so long!

I hope you will excuse my bad English and be quite patient, I am italian and promise to do my best to avoid mistakes!

I just adore dragons and Khisanth is the name of a she-dragon in an other fantasy book (challenge: who will be the first to guess? no google, please)

My age is 30 and I live in Bologna.

Lots of kisses,


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Welcome to DM, Khisanth!! (sounds familiar, but can't guess)


Don't worry about the English, there are lots of other people (me :)) making mistakes too :) And bad English isn't the end of the world :)

Please write some Italian, I've got a test on Monday and I have to practice :)


Who is your favourite Forsaken? Who is your least favorite WoT character?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions about DM!


I hope you will like it here!!

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Thank you for welcoming!

se ti va, possiamo parlare un po' in italiano, da quanti anni lo studi?

il mio personaggio preferito è Nynaeve, ha un carattere forte e pieno di sfumature. Per quanto riguarda i Reietti (forsaken), ancora non lo so, ne ho incontrati troppo pochi, per ora. Comunque odio Lanfear, quella **********!!!!!!



(translation, for others who don't study italian: if you want, we can speak italian a bit, how many years have you been studying it? My favourite character is Nynaeve, she is strong and deep at the same time. As the Forsaken are concerned, i don't know, i haven't yet met them all. By the way, i hate Lanfear, that *********!)

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I don't dare to talk so much, I understand languages better than speak them :P Warning: bad Italian coming

Mi piace i "Reietti" (as a word, it sounds so nice :)


Studio da un anno.


Why do they teach us phrases like "Aiuto! É morto! Mi sento male!" (really from my book) instead of something good in general dry.gif I mean, the murder is in chapter 8. Words like padre, madre, zio and other relatives were on chapter 11. Weird :D

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