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Hey all!


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ok so i've been a fan of WoT since i picked up the fourth book about 8 years ago in a second hand bookstore because it said dragon on it lol


however recently due to the wait for the final book i've been getting a little crazy wanting to talk about the books. and since none of my friends are big readers i came here! lol

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The word "Dragon" is actually in the title of the third book, unless you count the prequel... Just saying :P


Well dm is the place to come!!! We're all fans who love the books. We have book discussion, social groups, and role playing forums.


Which book are you on? Which parts and characters are your favorites?


If you have any questions, just ask :D

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Aiel Heart I was talking about the fact that on the back it said "Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time" lol and I've read all the books soooooo many times I can't even remember haha. My favorite part would either have to be the battle for cairhien or the whole Mat escaping from the Seanchan and Ebou Dar and that should tell you that Mat is my favoritest character in the whole wide world haha


As to my least favorite character... that's hard but i think i'd have to say Perrin after TSR and before ToM just beacause for all that time it's just him constantly whining and complaining and whining and complaining lol

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