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Clothing 101 - Attention Jureal


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Koras was still a bit exhausted from yesterday’s trip with his mentees. They were soldiers now, training to become Dedicated and then Asha’man. He smiled to himself. He missed his family, but he missed training mentees as well, while he was away in Doman.


The sun was kissing the day goodbye, and the cold became hard to tolerate. Koras channeled to keep himself warm, and lit his home made cigarette using a small bit of fire. Just enough One Power to light the fire, but not enough to burn the barracks. He was standing next to the barracks smoking. He was on a hunt that evening. His eyes narrow, he was leaning against the barracks wall, one foot on the wall, one on the ground. He hoped that his pray would go running or something. He couldn’t hear steps before the Aiel appeared. Light they were quiet, the savages. The Aielman was wearing his barbarian outfit. Koras smiled. The rumor said that Jureal has burned the black coat. Koras` first reaction was to smite the Aiel and behead him. But then Koras got a hold of his urge and decided to treat the situation in a more delicate way.


“Hey mentee” he called Jur from behind. The Aielman turned, lifting an eyebrow. Koras channeled Air. The weave was around Jur’s legs and he was on the ground. Koras started walking, moving the thread of Air along with himself, dragging the Aiel behind. The Aiel went for the spears but another weave of Air neutralized Jur’s hands. Koras brought Jur to the training grounds. He knew they wouldn’t be disturbed there so late in the evening. He lifted the Aielman up in the Air – The Aielman was hanging head down, feet up and looking at Koras. Surprisingly the Aielman did not scream or change his facial expression. “Feisty that one” Koras said to himself and put off his smoke, with his foot.


“Now, from this day on, you will wear the black coat, on duty, during training and as far as I am concerned – while you’re asleep” he made a thrust with a third weave of Air and cut the Cadin’sor in half. “You are a

servant of the Lord Dragon, and if you want to serve him as part of this Tower you will bend towards its rules”. The Aiel was hanging buck naked in the cold air now. Koras waited for Jureal speak.


OOC: Okay! Lets have some fun!



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It was the evening after their first training exercise with their new mentor koras. “Does he truelly think running can break me.” He thought to himself. As he was heading back to his tent from that evenings meal he heard “Hey mentee” from behind. Jureal turned around to see the oathbreaker leaning against the barracks.


The next thing he knew Koras had channeled a weave of air around his legs and Jureal fell backwards to the ground. Koras started walking, moving the thread of Air along with himself, dragging Jureal behind him. Jureal veiled and went for his spears but koras had caught him in another weave of air. Koras continued dragging Jureal to the training grounds. He hefted Jureal into the air on the weaves of air and rotated him upside down. Jureal stared at the honorless treekiller with a blank expression. Did he really think he would break Jureal? The three fold lands had never broke him and these soft wetlands would never break him.


“Now, from this day on, you will wear the black coat, on duty, during training and as far as I am concerned – while you’re asleep” he made a thrust with a third weave of Air and cut the Cadin’sor in half. “You are a servant of the Lord Dragon, and if you want to serve him as part of this Tower you will bend towards its rules”.


Jureal hung there suspended in the air. “Do you think your tactics will break my spirit Oath breaker? I do follow the Car’a’carn but I am no ones servant. He is car’a’carn chief of chiefs. But even a chief is not a soft wetlander king. So basically what im telling you is I will serve him how I see fit. I have given up enough of my peoples ways just by coming here and I will retain the rest that I can.” Jureal said in a soft final tone.


“Do your worst treekiller but remember this. If you kill me will the car’a’carn be happy to loose a warrior for his cause just because you want to try and mold me into a soft wetlander? Or will your chief of the black tower be happy that you took away a spear that he could use in the last battle?” Jureal said everything calmly and waited to see what he had to say.

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Koras couldn’t help laughing out loud. The naked Aielman was hanging with his head down, speaking so calmly, about his savage beliefs, calling Koras a treekiller. Well, Koras was Cairhienian once, but now he wasn’t sure what he was. He certainly wanted to kill more than just a tree when he looked at the savage.


“My ‘chief’ did not like you strolling around in your clown’s outfit savage!” Koras raised his voice, enhanced by tainted Saidin.


“And he’s no chief. He’s a Tsorovan’m’hael and you will respect him as if he was the creator himself. You’re so far away from the Dragon in rank that he doesn’t exist as far as you can tell. See Jureal, we are a hierarchical military organization – I don’t know if this means anything to you, but what it means in reality is that if you do not follow our laws and rules you will be punished until you either will follow these rules, or severed, and kicked out. You understand? Shayol Ghul will grow butterflies before you will wear your outfits here. I will let you think about it overnight”. Koras smirked. The weather was perfect for that kind of punishment. It was so cold that night, Koras wanted to run home and sit by the fire. “Tomorrow morning you will either come to your senses or leave the tower, and this is coordinated with our…” Koras laughed again “chief. You will not leave before I will personally gentle your one power abilities. Though, I would hate to lose a mentee who can outrun me”. And with his softening note, Koras turned around and were about to leave, as the Aielman has spoken again.





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Jureal hung there calmly and listened to Koras give his grand speech and try and intimidate him. He thought to himself how he would love to hang the man outside just as he was now. And he thought to himself "You cant do anything with the power if you are not willing to learn." He was just being stubborn and prideful.


He spoke calmly again to Koras "I have to Koras. I let my feelings towards you wetlanders blind me. It will not happen again." although it grated at him to admit he kind of liked Koras. He had honor regardless of his birthplace. "The prophecies did say he will break and change us. I will follow your instructions."


Koras turned to look at Jureal and he began to release the weaves holding him in the air. Jureal noticed himself lowering and said quickly "No. Donot release me from my punishment. i earned it and i will endure it." Jureal closed his eyes. He would make the best of this night. And he wasnt about to show this man any satisfaction by showing weakness.

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OOC: Good choice Jur. Nicely played.




Koras has buried a little smile – he was glad. Not because he enjoyed torturing his mentee, but because he wanted to break his mentee and turn him into an Asha’man. In the Black Tower everyone were equal – Kings, Lords and now Aiel.


He was proud of his mentee, who was able to swallow his traditions and bend towards what the Lord Dragon and their leader Arath expected. Koras had a sad thought regarding Dalinar who was not with them anymore. He will have to visit his grave, if there is one. Most Asha’man died by fire unfortunately. But Dalinar did not go mad. He was killed.


“Alright, I will let you hang there” Koras did not want to humiliate Jureal by turning down his request for more punishment, although the reason for the punishment was gone now.


“But, you will get a small bonus” Koras said and stayed next to Jur – although he did not enjoy watching the naked mentee hanging in the cold air upside down, and he did not enjoy the cold, even with Saidin and with his black coat on. Koras twisted the weaves and Jureal was still hanging, but now with his feet down.


“You will touch Saidin mentee” Koras said. The goose bumps on Jur’s skin got thicker. “I hope Teal won’t be jealous. Let the cold enter your body, let it burn you on the inside, focus on it – on the pain you feel, or do not feel” the man was Aiel after all. “Now, let everything vanish from your mind… close your eyes, do you see the flame?” after a few moments Jur nodded slowly as Koras guided him towards the True Source. “Grab it! Now!” Koras said, voice enhanced with Saidin, and constructed a shield of Air around himself, letting the Aiel touch Saidin. This could end up badly, but Koras hoped that it will go smoothly, without explosions – at least this time.




OOC: Okay- This will turn into Saidin 101 – when Teal is back we’ll let him join in. Have fun!





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(ooc: I suppose that's an invitation for me to join in? Awesome!)


Teal woke groggy and completely exhausted. And yet it was time to wake up with everyone else. Teal barely managed to stumble into his uniform and stagger to eat something for breakfast before it was time for training. He was to report to Asha'man Koras again. Not looking forward to whatever the trainer had in mind, Teal did his best to hustle to the location.


What he found there shocked and angered him. There in the distance was Jureal, in his traditional clothing, hanging upside down by a force that Teal could sort of sense, it was the menace again, but while he had been here, it had started to take some sort of strange shape. It was like invisible ropes held the Aielman, but they couldn't possibly be there! It was as if something was there and not there at the same time, and it confused Teal's senses incredibly.


Perhaps since he did not know how to channel or sense saidin yet, he wasn't sure how to register the newer sensations of being around people who channeled. But that thought was only briefly in his mind. His friend, the sole person in this crazy nest of insanity who actually seemed to care anything about him, was being hung about, and for what?


The Aielman was in as good if not better shape than the Asha'man, he had proved that on their trip that he was equal to the task. Why then was he being punished? Teal glanced at his new uniform (ooc: do we get uniforms yet?) and back to Jureal, who was still clothed in his Aiel garb. What was it he called them? Caddin sore? Something like that. Teal wanted to shout, wanted to say something about what was being done injustly just for someone's choice of clothing, but he was afraid of being punished, too.


"Teal Fletcher, reporting for duty, sir," he said at attention, shooting his friend a worried look, wondering if there was any way to help. However, the aielman seemed to be quite stoic in his handling of the situation. Where hanging by invisible lines might freak Teal out, the Aielman just calmly let it happen.


Teal would feel out the situation and see what kind of mood Koras was in, and then see if there was anything he could do to help his friend.

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“Alright, I will let you hang there” Koras said as he sat down near Jureal. “But, you will get a small bonus. You will touch Saidin mentee. I hope Teal won’t be jealous. Let the cold enter your body, let it burn you on the inside, focus on it – on the pain you feel, or do not feel. Now, let everything vanish from your mind… close your eyes, do you see the flame?" Jureal nodded that he understood. He was instructing him in the flame and the void. He had spoken to enough warders and other warriors from the wetlands to know what he was talking about.


Jureal closed his eyes and saw the flame. He started to chant out loud like the Aiel before a battle."Wash the spears - while the sun climbs high. Wash the spears - while the sun falls low.Wash the spears - Who fears to die? Wash the spears - No one I know! Wash the spears - while life holds true. Wash the spears - until life ends. Wash the spears - Life is a dream. Wash the spears - All dreams must end. Wash the spears - till shade is gone Wash the spears - till water turns dry. Wash the spears - How long from home? Wash the spears - Until I die! Wash the spears - till sun grows cold. Wash the spears - till water runs free. Wash the spears... Wash the spears - while I breathe. Wash the spears - my steel is bright. Wash the spears..."


As he came to the final verse he seized Saidin. He felt the Life and taint rush into him. He opened his eyes wide. For the first time he had seized saidin. He was amazed. His senses were sharper he felt more alive then ever. He looked to Koras and said "Thank you Asha'man Koras." He looked around and couldnt help but wonder what he was capable of.

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Koras waited but nothing happened. Teal had joined them but Koras did not hear what he said he was fully focused on the Aiel. He had to control the damage he'd make on first touch. Most of the mentees blew stuff up, since men were strong in Fire and Earth, usually. He did not know what the Aielman’s strengths were.


OOC: By the way write down your elemental breakdown the two of you...




But nothing happened. The Aielman grabbed Saidin, he was almost glowing with power. "A strong one" Koras said. He thought of the great potential - with the man's Stamina, Weapon abilities and mental preparation - he would make a great Asha'man one day. Koras cut Jureal's connection to the One Power (OOC: Not everyone can, I am a bit stronger with spirit). "You see, the One Power is not something you take for granted. Appriciate every moment you have with it" he smiled and let the man fall down, letting the Air weaves off. He still held the spirit razor blade that held the man from touching the source. "Now, you try it Teal" he repeated the instructions he gave Jureal and waited. He did not know how Jureal would respond to the temporary cut-off. It was like letting the cat watch the milk, then letting him lick the milk, and then taking the plate away from the cat, while the cat was hungry for more.


OOC: Okay Teal you're next to touch Saidin. After Teal posts, Jureal can post that Koras let him touch the source again and this time use Saidin (you can bury Koras underground with Earth or something). If Jureal is mad at Koras now it is the time to attack with hope to gain advantage - since Koras is holding a spirit shield and trying to control damage from Teal.


Good luck men!



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(ooc: sorry for the long wait, guys, I got distracted for the holidays. Here is the breakdown:


Air: 5

Fire: 7

Water: 5

Earth: 5

Spirit: 6

Total: 28 Strength, 32 Skill, Potential: 60




Teal waited for some sort of explanation, and had a strange feeling of being ignored, but got a cursory order. He was to seize Saidin after Jureal did. How was he to do that, he wondered? Well, he waited and thought maybe he could tell how to do it when Jureal managed it, if the Aielman did at all.


It happened, and the Aielman started chanting something, seemingly in ecstasy. Teal's eyes widened as he sensed it, the menace, emanating from his friend. He was not safe, either, Teal realized with growing alarm. The man had power, he sensed, and held saidin. That's what that had to mean. But how could Teal do it? He did not receive any hints whatsoever, just that sixth sense that there was power, and a slight sense of being able to see and feel and hear it almost, like a roaring furnace with a fast current of hot, liquid ice. But that was impossible, wasn't it?


And all too soon, it was his turn. Koras turned to him and gave him instructions that Teal had not heard before, but sounded very familiar to what the Asha'man who tested him for ability did. "Let the cold enter your body, let it burn you on the inside, focus on it – on the pain you feel, or do not feel. Now, let everything vanish from your mind… close your eyes, do you see the flame?"


Teal tried to focus, but the mental idea of becoming that menacing feeling was too much for him to concentrate without his feelings interfering. He squinted, he grimaced, he made an effort to focus, but then opened his eyes again. Nothing had happened.


"I think I. . .I'm not sure," he began, attempting to explain why it wasn't as easy to him.


Koras shook his head. He said,

"Don't think; you're thinking too much about it. Don't feel. Just imagine the flame. Be the flame. Try again."


Teal nodded. He remembered the feeling of being on the Seafolk ship, feeling the waves rocking the ship ever so slightly, for it had a deep even keel and was steady in all but the roughest seas. The idea of being on a boat again calmed Teal, and let him forget about the panic of earlier. He then let himself imagine being elsewhere, in darkness. All there was was darkness, but wait, there was a small flame in the center. He could see it, and within it lay saidin and all the power he could ever want. All he had to do was seize it, and become it! All he had to do. . ."


Teal gasped and shuddered as a torrent flooded in him, both molten hot like a forge and icey cold like falling into the ocean waters in a winter storm. It threatened to overwhelm him, it threatened to simultaneously freeze and burn him to cinders. No, he wouldn't let it! He could control it like other men, couldn't he? Teal tensed his fists and burrowed his eyebrows, concentrating. He would hold it, but not let it overwhelm him. All he needed was a little. But there was so much of it, so much of it to taste and consume! Stop. Breath. He calmed himself again, and forced himself to hold only a tiny bit, what he thought he might be able to control.


He looked up at Koras, who seemed both fields away and yet, Teal could see the details of his face and uniform as clearly as he could ever. In fact, it almost seemed like the details sprung out at him. He could see and sense more now. He turned to Jureal, and could not help but grin. He couldn't wait to use it! He saw some dry grasses close by, and pointed at them. He willed them to burn, as they were withered already. And to his surprise, they instantly burst into flames. Teal started to laugh, overwhelmed by the joy of using saidin for the first time. What could he put on fire next?


And all of a sudden a dark curtain slammed over it. He could no longer feel it within him! He could see it right there, the flame! that glorious, sickly sweet flame! He reached out to it with his hand, as if it was something he could actually hold with his fingers, but it slipped away. Why couldn't he touch it? He glanced at Koras, and knew somehow he had everything to do with it. He couldn't help glaring at the man briefly, without even thinking, because he was angry to have lost such a feeling of triumph.


-Teal Fletcher

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