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Freebooter Bio for Aldwyn - cc'ed by the bad guys


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Character Info


Name: Aldwyn Frewin

Nationality: Cairhienin

Age: 17


Hair: dark brown and lanky; often falls in his eyes

Eyes: brown

Height: 5’ 6”


Build: medium build, toned from working a farm




Aldwyn grew up at a noble’s manor house outside of Cairhien where is mother was a kitchen hand and his father a travelling blacksmith. They lived in comfort in the staff quarters which were well removed from the manor house itself. It was a happy childhood; Aldwyn played with the other children of the staff, and took lessons from various staff from the manor in many different trades. He was a friendly child and was well-like by most within the manor house.


At thirteen Aldwyn was apprenticed to the farrier. He spent his days learning his new trade and worked in the stables in the evenings, grooming and feeding horses. Aldwyn’s mother often brought his supper out to the stable, and then stayed to watch him working with the horses.


The stablemaster was a harsh man with a fondness for drinking and gambling. He often cheated the soldiers of passing merchants out of their coin with a pair of weighted dice. He took a liking to Aldwyn’s mother and was insistent in his advances.


She refused to be drawn, remaining loyal to her husband despite his infrequent visits. The stablemaster grew angry about this and he began to bully Aldwyn. Strapping him for any minor infraction, and creating them where there were none.


The stablemaster told Aldwyn if he complained to anyone about his treatment he would take his revenge on Aldwyn’s mother, and so Aldwyn remained silent.


When Aldwyn was 15 his mother grew ill suddenly and passed away in the night before the local Healer could be fetched to tend to her. Aldwyn’s father had not been to visit at the manor in many months, as he worked for farms as far as Aringill in the south and almost all the way to Tar Valon in the north. Aldwyn continued working for the farrier and in the stables, saving his coin for the day he became a farrier in his own right and could leave his apprenticeship at the manor.


A few months after his mother died Aldwyn was beaten by the Lord of the manor, accused of feeding the favourite mare of the Lady of the house wet feed, resulting in bloat. The horse had died and the Lord had grown angry, demanding the stablemaster be beaten. The stablemaster chose to save his own skin and submit Aldwyn’s name as the one responsible. Of course it had been the stable master himself, as no one else was allowed near the Lady’s mare, but the Lord took the stablemaster’s word for it.


When Aldwyn recovered he made the decision to leave the manor house and see what he could find in Cairhien. He packed up his meagre belongings and left his room in the servant’s quarters in the dead of night. As he crept past the stables in the night he heard the snores of the drunken stable master coming from within. He crept into the stable, planning on stealing a horse. He saddled a gelding and once finished he carefully looked into the stall where the stablemaster had passed out. The man’s purse was lying in the straw, fat from a night of gambling with his weighted dice, before Aldwyn could really think about it he snatched it up and then led his stolen horse out of the stable.


Once in the Cairhien Aldwyn settled in the Foregate. He found work in the stable of a seedy tavern, caring for the horses of the taverns customers. He often supplemented his meagre income with coins from the pockets of drunken patrons who were often thrown into the stable to sleep off their stupor.


It was for this reason he came to the attention of a local band of thieves. His skill with horses came in handy when they needed to “borrow” horses in the dead of night and he stable was a convenient place to hide them for a day or too until they could be taken down to Tear and sold.


And so, Aldwyn spent his days working honestly in the stables and his nights working with the thieves of Cairhein.

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