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Hey there!


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Hey there! Been stalking these forums for a while and decided i should finally join.

First read the WoT series about 3 years ago when a mistake in book shopping led me to buy it. Needless to say,

best mistake ever :). Love the series and have re-read countless times. I am also a fan of a lot of other fantasy books

and have read most of the big titles: Riftwar saga, Lotr, Shannara, The Sword of Truth etc :)

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Thanks to both of you :)


Hmm, least favourite character or favourite forsaken? Tuff question. I honestly don't think I have a least favourite. So, I'll just answer my favourite forsaken as Moridin/Ishimael. I love his back story from the age of legends and his reasons for turning over to the shadow. Plus, he's awesome :)

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