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WorldCon 2011 Interview with Patrick Rothfuss


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Rome Quezada from the Science Fiction Book Club was kind enough to share the following information and interview with us:


One of our favorite fantasy authors, Patrick Rothfuss, recently spoke with Science Fiction Book Club Senior Editor Rome Quezada at WorldCon 2011 to discuss the sequel to his NY Times bestseller, THE NAME OF THE WIND. In the interview, Rothfuss talks about the strenuous editing process of his latest book, THE WISEMAN'S FEAR , and what readers can expect from future novels in the series.


Rothfuss discussed the decision to delay the release of THE WISEMAN'S FEAR:


"I could have tried to publish it inside of a year like we were planning, but it would not have been a good book. Interestingly enough, the guest of honor here, Tim Powers, I've known him for a long time and I actually called him. And I said, 'Tim, you know, I'm gonna miss my deadline, I feel really awful about it, I promised this book in a year -- people are gonna be pissed.' And he goes, 'Well, you know, it's late once but it will suck forever.'"



Watch the full interview here:




Thanks to the Science Fiction Book Club for sharing this with us!

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