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New Guy Here


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Hey. Like the title says, I'm new here. I'm not very good at my first post in sections like this, so I may ramble.


Just so you get to know a little about me I will tell you a bit about me. I love to read (I like to write occasionally), play games (PC games, to be exact). I'm 17 years old and I am currently in my last year of high school. At this point in time I am training to be a computer technician.


I first picked up a WoT book in fifth grade. The book happened to be the fifth one, which I read about a chapter of. Naturally, it didn't make as much sense as it would if I started from the beginning, and I was younger and had a shorter attention span. I picked up the book again in eigth grade. The librarian at the school told me to start from the first one, so I did. In less than three months I read the first seven. I've only recently finished the eleventh book.


Well, I think I rambled a bit, but I hope you know a bit more about me. I think that's the point of this post... but it could just be a post to say, "Hi, how's it going?"


Ah well. Nice to be here and I hope to have a good time.

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Hey Purifier, nothing wrong wie a wee bitty ramblin' laddie. Welcome tae DM. Great place tae meet like minded people.


*gets recruiting hat on* :D


Hope ye pop o'er tae the Band of the Red Hand fer a visit. Best Org going ... tons tae drink... heaps o'fightin'...be delighted tae see ye there :wink: Have fun here at DM.


*snoopy dances ye round the room*

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hello and welcome Purifier :D


Thank God for librarians. There is a thread somewhere about how people got into tWoT.... and there is more than one that features a librarian. 8)


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