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Hello everyone. I think I might start RPing here again... after next week when all my papers due... or maybe after finals. Or something, maybe.


Just wanted to say "Hey" and that I like the new forums and site. Doesn't take forever to load on my work PC anymore :)



Lots of stuff I can't remember

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They're okay, thanks... :) Mainly just raising my two year old boy right now. I'm gonna try to get back into the RP a little too with my BTer, but I'm not on too much right now b/c my eyes are really bugging me (had Lasik recently).


I'll see yas around I'm sure... :)

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Guest Egwene

Hi Tymian :) Hope you'll visit the book discussions as well. You've probably been round them in circles in the past so if you don't feel like discusssing Asmo yet again... no worries. But maybe you could just pop in say Hi and vote in all the polls we've got running!!

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