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Yet Another Newbie


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Hi all, I've been a long time lurker, think almost a year now, and finally thought it time to join up and participate, I'm not the greatest of theorists, however you all seem like fantastic theorists who will help me on me improve. I'm not that great with introducing myself so if you would like to know more please just ask me questions :)x

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Hi Brammer :) (Do you mind if I call you that? We like nicknames on here :))


I'd say welcome to Dragonmount, but it seems you've been around a while already :biggrin:


I'm not too brilliant at theories either, but there are loads of good ideas lurking around here somewhere.


So, how long have you been reading the Wheel of Time?

Do you have any favourite characters?

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Sure, I don't mind being called Brammer, infact it's what most people call me :)

I've read all the books released so far apart from NS, keep meaning to buy it but i always get distracted :') and been reading the series for about a year and a half.

I'm a big fan of Perrin, even when he was being a douche and only obsessing over Faile, also a big lover of Mat and love how Brandon writes him, its always really refreshing when a Mat chapter comes around, Logain fascinates me, that man is still a riddle inside a mystery all wrapped up in an enigma, and in my opinion worse than Lan in the mystery man department.

I haven't yet checked out the social groups yet but I'll be sure to give them ago, really looking forward to meeting other fans, I have yet to find a single one other than my friends mum to nerdgasm over AMOL with, and she is sadly more of a casual reader of the series.

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