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Discovery of a puzle (solo rp)


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M'bela yawned, she was tired but not sure about going too sleep. She had been walking the world of dreams for some years now, first alone not fully realising the danger at times, and with luck avoiding more then scars, bruices and other healable damages. Then she met a dreadlord in there, who thougth her more structure, even though she had learned to take some care, and a basic directional controll. Under him she learned more, and enough too know she had much yet too learn, through experience and practise then what she had studying books. But never had the dream looked as yesternigth, it had reminded her of nothing she seen before in her almost century of life. Knowing the danger of unknown elements too the dream more now, it made her vary, though she would never admit it openly. Nor would she admit part of what made her most vary was the lack of controll, and that she was loosing her grip on the world she came too enjoy mastering. She finally sucumbed to sleep, and was joyus when she steped into a normal looking Tel'ara'rhiod and not a dark space of bubles.


Slowly as time passed she went back too normal, writing the incident of as a nigthmare, and surpressing it all. Almost a decade would pass before memories came crashing back.


Find the defination of bah, then start digging. The letter is L.


She felt like she was floating among bubles, all came crashing back memorie wise, how she ended up in a buble like one of a nigthmare in proper Tel, inly it wasnt a nigthmare, well not of the kind defined as such in Tel. M'bela thougth it had been enough of a nigthmare to be in an amoreuse dream of a young pedler. And now she was here again, she contemplated drying to wake up versys trying to learn, and considered the later too only be usefull if this really was in the dream and not just a dream. She knew there was a way too find out though, the safe way, wake up by controll, and she also argued with herself she had things to do in the dream proper, so she steped out and woke up.

She sat up in her bed, relieved and conserned at the same time, she was out of the strange place in Tel, but was no longer in doubt in her almost hundred years of walking the place, that she had found a completely new element, one she had no basis to know how functioned. It wasnt often in her life now counting over a century she found herself in this position. The question was what to do, she had found no reference in her studies about the world of dream of this elemenent. The place had felt odd, and not as controllable by what she could put together of memories, it defied all the logic she had of Tel.

What more was she had no clue how she ended up in there, so had no way to experiment or go back. She laid down, and steped into the Tel she knew, knowing it was potentially risky she thougth of the place she been, but nothing happened, she shuddered at the new proof of that the place defied the normal logic of Tel.

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