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Up All Night


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I actually missed the show last night and forgot to DVR it. I hope it is on demand.


It’s a rare autumn when I like more sitcoms than hourlongs, but that seems to be the case this year.


NBC continues to stock its sitcom with writers and actors who once toiled on “Saturday Night Live.” Following in the footsteps of Greg Daniels and Steve “Ambiguously Gay” Carell at “The Office,” Tina Fey and Tracey Morgan at “30 Rock,” Chevy Chase on “Community” and Mike Schur and Amy Poehler at “Parks and Recreation,” Maya Rudolph and longtime SNL writer Emily Spivey are collaborating on “Up All Night,” which stars Will Arnett and Christina Applegate as the foul-mouthed hard-living fortyish parents of a newborn.


Spivey’s depiction of the parenting life feels authentically autobiographical and the pilot carries an agreeable semi-improvisational feel. I’m less impressed with the Rudolph character, who has taken a definite turn for the broad and wacky since NBC transformed her character from a celebrity publicist to a Oprah-y talk show host.


HitFix says:


... There aren't many laugh-out-loud moments, but the parenting stuff is sharply-observed, and it's great to see Arnett playing a recognizable human being after spending years trying to (or being asked to) recreate GOB Bluth from "Arrested Development." ...


AOL says:


... It's hard to walk that fine line between sincerity and sarcasm in a comedy, and though each show is a bit broad here and there, neither of these shows [“Free Agents” or “Up All Night”] overindulges in the kind of false, cynical patter or the unearned, warm-and-fuzzy mawkishness that sinks so many network sitcoms. ...


The New York Times says:


... Network television has grown remarkably callous and blasé about all kind of things, including rape, adultery and masturbation, but there is still a taboo against child endangerment. So “Up All Night” takes three of the funniest actors working on the small screen and ties their hands while asking them to send up child rearing ...


The Los Angeles Times says:


... Both series [“Free Agents” and “Up All Night”] offer pilots that are tight and often funny — "Up All Night" is the one I'd save first if we were all together on a sinking ship...


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says:


... The more original conceit is the notion of later-in-life parents who have had 20 years to themselves before life-with-baby. Culturally, it’s a potentially resonant approach but is becoming a parent at 40 different enough from having a child at 25 to hang a series on? We’ll see. ...


The San Francisco Chronicle says:


... has a great cast, crisp writing and, most important, the potential for plot and character elements to maintain our interest beyond the premiere. ...


The Washington Post says:


... Neither smashingly hilarious nor overly redundant, it is instead tolerable and occasionally LOL (as the mommy blogs would say). ...


The Boston Herald says:


... NBC missed the real comedy, but it’s not too late. Lose the kid and blow the show up around big baby Ava, the would-be empress of daytime TV. Right now, “Up All Night” is the TV equivalent of a glass of warm milk. ...


The Boston Globe says:


… Am I hooked? Yeah, mostly because of the scenery-chewing Rudolph, whose line delivery is unique. …


USA Today says:


... Too many of the lines are witlessly vulgar (A "mug of butt"? Really?), and too few are funny. And simply repeating them with slight variations and a raised voice ("We're doing a cleanse! Office cleanse!") does not improve them. ...


Variety says:


In theory, "Up All Night" ought to resonate with young families who can identify feeling cooped up and grounded by a new baby. The premise, however, proves more fertile (pardon the expression) than the actual show, which as presented plays like a one-note gag about as subtle as watching the central couple, Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, do a lot of bleeped-out cussing in front of their newborn....

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