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FF Week 1 Wrap Up


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Greetings and salutations.



JD and Company faced off against the Warders and Tom Brady gave JD the upper hand with his 44+ points. JD strolled to a convincing victory 129.05-83.83 over the Warders.


Boyo's Soy Bombers faced off against the Two Rivers Longbows. The Longbows had a good week with 97+ points, how ever the Bombers scored a disheartening (for the Longbows) 125+. Bombers defeat the Longbows 125.61-97.18


In this weeks closest match, and therefore dubbed the MATCH OF THE WEEK, Fists of Heaven faced off against Pandamonium. Both teams scored over 100 points, and the difference in points came from their tight ends. Pandamonium's Aaron Hernandez trounced Fists' Jared Cook. Pandamonium marches to victory over Fists of heaven 119.07-102.71


Hax's Hokey Pokeys face off against the Druids. Sadly the Druids had several players performs quite poorly, and even had one player go on IR, which lead to only 60+ points, and since Hax's team only scored 90+ points this in the only match-up which didn't have a team eclipse 100 points. Therefore this is dubbed the SNOOZE MATCH OF THE WEEK. Hax's boys didn't have much of a problem dispatching the Druids 91.03-60.15


Christian Ponderings versus Stone dogs was the only other match-up which saw both teams eclipse 100 points. Stone Dogs however scored more into the 100's defeating the Ponderers 121.99-101.57.


Finally, and I am sad to be associated to this matchup, the Pointy-teethed Aiel (my bro's team) faced off against Vam's Steel City Slayers. It really wasn't close since the Aiel saw over half it's players not reach their projected stats. This lead to the Slayers convincingly thrash the Aiel 109.71-72.10



Week 1 Standings


1. JD and Company (JD)


2. Boyo's Soy Bombers (Me)


3. Stone Dogs (trench)


4. Pandamonium (AZ)


5. SteelCity Slayers (Vambram's Bro)


6. Hax's Hokey Pokeys (Haxorsist)


7. Fists of Heaven (SamVines)


8. Christian Ponderings (Hax's Pal)


9. Two Rivers Longbows (?)


10. Warders (?)


11. Pointy-teethed Aiel (My Bro)


12. Druids (Wombat)



(If you are the manager of one of the questioned marked teams, please post that you own said team, or if they are not DM members and you know who owns the team please post that as well)

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This week should be ineresting for me. Could go either way.


I own the Stone Dogs and Drew Brees! Now if we can just find a way for Chris Johnson to hit his projections next week. :biggrin:


Not likely CJ will be much better this week going agaisnt the Ravens D. Only if the Titans light up the air attack, will CJ breakout. He might grab some short yardage TDs however.

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