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Time to put the pieces together


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M'bela taped the pencil against the desk, she was back in the fortress, and her familiar rooms. She still shook thinking about it, it had taken time stoping looking over her shoulder, stoping thinking of herself by that foul name. But slowly she regained controll of her life, she still had things too sort out, like how to deal with what she got with her, but not now, not yet, she couldnt think of looking at it just now.


Now even rest wasnt rest, the old place in Tar was back, twice this last week, she had thougth going too the fortress at least she would be able too rest up, get back in buisnis and sort through her nettworks. She yawned, she was tired, this had too end, but how she had spent centuries searching for answers, and she had found none. She gathered saidar, focused and made a small flame floating in the air, looking at it calmed her let her sort her mind.


She closed her eyes and let saidar go, darkness setled around her, her mind swirled, and she opened her eyes slowly looking out the window at the bligth. There was one place she had not tried, something newly discovered though not thougth about because of the circumstances. The guy, another dreamwalker on their side who seemed too know his way in the world of dreams, who know what he may know, but how too gain the knowledge from him. She pushed back the chair and stood up, pacing like a cat back and forth, something about him made her vary, and she learned too trust her gut after the length of life she walked through.


Well then one issue at a time, first she would have too find him, so back too bed, and hope she ended up in the dream she knew. She walked determined against the chair in the corner, set wards throughout the room, then setled back and let her eyes close. She shivered as she steped into Tel'aran'rhiod, it was as it should be. She made herself at home at first, building up curage despite herself, she hated it, she despised it, and she wasnt going to stand for it, she jumped too where the seanchan had been changing things in the real world, there was no one there. She walked through towns, nothing, looking for clues as she went till she finaly was face too face with the town she been in, the rooms, the cells, it made the hair stand in her neck....nothing.


She opened her eyes and looked out over her room, it was time for sleep, proper sleep, there was classes tomorow. As day dawned she felt sorry for any student about too mess up, she was not in mood, the nigth had been stressfull, and she was on edge, knowing tonigth she would have to go back and continue the search. She didnt become more pleasant too be around as the week progressed, and as the month was over and she was done with her classes, she had been through a fair amount of the books she already read many a time in the libary.


She was reading through an old diary, useless, she knew it, she knew she done her studies on this properly. Useless, there was one thing left to do, one thing even she knew how too respect and be carefull with, but the most effective one, one she hadnt tried in years. Well so be it, she already seen it again, she wasnt sure, normally it would be dacades between runing into the place, so why was she stumbling in there now more frequently, before she could ignore it, but with the world changing there just was no ignoring it.


She laid down, checked her wards a last time and closed her eyes, focusing on the face as best she could remember it, she would jump without controll, nothing, nothing at all, she walked the dream trying from different places, nothing. The next nigth nothing, she slept and ate during daytime, and hunted during nigths, nothing, she changed it out and hunted at day, nothing. M'bela looked out at the bligth and snarled in her troath, the cat laying on the bookshelf looked up at her, then went back too sleep. It had been a week, but now her mind was setled, all reservations was over, she was not going to give up till she had some answers. She setled down in the chair, her fingers tapping the side, setled back and went too sleep and woke up...in the blasted darkness, oh great. Part of her wanted too scream, someone would die when she woke up she swore silently, she had tried many enough places too figure it out, everytime it ended up out of her hands in some nigthmarish story going everywhich way out of her controll. This was pointless, she made herself ready too wake up, the one thing she managed too figure out how to do, when the neck hair prickled "The void is a dangerous place to be if you don't know what you're doing."

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After the ordeal in the White Tower, Peaten finally allowed himself some leisure time. Hunting was one of his hobbies. In the waking world, he tested himself often against dangerous game, but that was easy. Worms and Fades in the Blight, and the haunts of the Mountains of Dhoom. But hunting in the Blight was wasteful. He would rather they lived up to their potential and fought against the Light. The Chosen may choose to fight amongst themselves, and waste valuable Shadowspawn and Friends of the Dark, but Peaten was not so powerful he could waste an ally. He hunted men once in a while, those foolish enough to enter the Blight. The Seanchan beasts... now that was hunting! In the World of Dreams, he hunted wolves mostly. If a random fool entered in his presence, they were taken as well... if they stayed long enough. Then there was the Void. Demandred, and later Lanfear, had shown him the empty space outside the Pattern. Before he could appear physically in the waking world, he had taken to haunting the void itself, entering the dreams of unsuspecting men and women. It was dangerous, as he could end up at the mercy of that person's dream, but the fun was worth it. Sometimes those who died in their sleep did not do so of natural causes.


He entered the void to swim among the dreams of others. Before long though, he felt another presence. It was not one of the Chosen, he knew what they felt like. And one did not have a physical form in this place, so it would be impossible to tell until they went back into the World of Dreams. Curious, he waited.

As soon as the presence left, he followed...


...he was suprised to see it was a face he knew. He had rescued her once when she was a damane. He walked plainly towards her. It was not wise to startle a Dreadlord. "The void is a dangerous place to be if you don't know what you're doing."


If she was suprised at seeing him or at him knowing where she was, she showed no sign. "The Void?"


"The place outside the Pattern between the Waking World and the World of Dreams. I assume you have never been there before tonight. Maybe once or twice. It is much like the Dream, in that if you enter by accident, you don't stay very long."

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She turned around slowly like a cat, "Void?", she cocked her head and smiled, it was him, the search was over, now she just needed too figure out too keep him around, sudenly she felt like her old self fully, finally. "The place outside the Pattern between the Waking World and the World of Dreams. I assume you have never been there before tonight. Maybe once or twice. It is much like the Dream, in that if you enter by accident, you don't stay very long."


"Ah rigth not what I call this..." she waved with her hand at the general sorounding "...fine place, but I guess its as good as any", she looked around "I guess I owe you thanks, but you are a hard man too find" Her eyes setled on him, measuring him up and down as she was used too, a good technique too make people not get too comfortable, oh yes she felt like herself again for the first time in a long time.


She looked around, "I guess that means you got a name for these things too" she indicated with her hand towards the only thing exsisting in the void, the nightmares which wasnt nigthmares nesicarily.

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