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Did the Pattern cause the Bore?


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Hi all,


I've been a longtime lurker, rare poster, but this issue has been nagging me, so I figure I would at least ask everyone's opinion. My problem is the Bore. We know that time in WOT is cyclical, that there are 7 ages that follow roughly the same pattern, though with differences that stop it being the same thing over and over again. For example, we know that Rand will remake the hole in the DO's prison as if it never existed, which will allow someone in the next cycle to piece through it, which will allow the LT-esque person to patch it, etc.


My question is, why the Bore in the first place? In the AOL Mierin punches the original notch because she was looking for a greater source of power; but what drover her to it? Was it human nature? Was it that mankind will inevitably and accidently "free" the DO? Or does the pattern drive them to it, like it drives Rand to his inevitable fixing of the Bore?


I cannot imagine the pattern does it, after all, because that would mean that the Creator intended the DO to have a chance to be free and wreck things, which seems like a pretty terrible thing to do. But if it is simple human nature, then wouldn't that mean that the age in which the Bore is drilled could last for millions of years? How long would it take for human beings to find and/or think it is a good idea to start drilling into the pattern? Is it not possible that this never happens (theoretically)? Yet, from what we can tell in Randland, it seems that the Bore is always drilled.


I don't know; I am stumped. The only things I can think of are:


a) that the "thinness" of the pattern around the Bore was somehow caused by the DO lashing out at the Creator's imprisoning of him and that this thinness somehow allows him to affect things, but only in to a TINY degree (and his influence leads to the Bore)


b) The DO, being equal to the creator, tainted the pattern when it was made so that it does drive Randlanders to the Bore and thus to TG inevitably.


Oh well, this has probably been debated before, but I haven't read anything addressing these concerns yet, so I am hoping that someone else has thought this through!

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Eventually a society will reach the technological level to require more cheaper energy then they go seeking it.

You can say the pattern created the environment that placed the demand or the curiosity of ppl did it or both.


Contemporary example might be LHC

WWII example nuclear bomb and fission

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