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TWoT Game...?


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Is there any more recent information reguarding this? I see that an MMO and movies were in production for TWoT, but I haven't seen anything that wasn't posted close to 3 years ago.


I've been writing down an extensive list of ideas for a TWoT MMO myself. What I'm curious about is what kind of game would other people like to see? My dream is for an MMO, but that would be very difficult. I have already begun on an entire excel spreadsheet that will show the entire games progression, as well as the specific class / skills / chapter developments.


Currently I have 3 other close friends working on this with me. One of them is a brilliant artist and hopefully I might even get to show some concept art here. As much work as I can put into this I will, but right now I'm still working on my own degrees and my work.


This is jsut something to fill free time, and also my enjoyable time, as this is something I have a strong passion for. I'm hoping this community will help me with concept ideas and possibly some fan-fiction can be incorporated. ^_^

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