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Prepare for War


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OOC: Of course, it could become more than one post. But I don't think so.




Leyrann waked up. It was early in the morning, the sun was only low now, but he was always awake early. He put his clothes on, and got something to eat, while the Soldiers sleeping next to him woke up. After a few minutes, Kael and Aerem were also eating, still quietly. After all those years, Leyrann still didn't understand that many people were a bit "slow" in the morning. He couldn't think of an other word for it. They walked out together, to the street, now being filled with other Soldiers, Dedicated and some Asha'man. One, with fifteen or twenty Soldiers following him, came to them. Leyrann didn't even saw one Dedicated in the group. He saluted.

"Come with me," the Asha'man said. "We are going to have some real training today." together with the other soldiers, they walked quietly, also because most Asha'man didn't like it if anyone said something, without having permission. While walking, the Asha'man muttered a some things. Better not to say something about that... Outside the town the Black Tower had become, the Asha'man stopped.

"Line up!" ordered the Asha'man. Lining up, Leyrann wondered why they had to do that. For most of the trainings, they didn't have to line up.

"Today, you will learn some fighting weaves. Make some more space between you and the person next to you. A span." All Soldiers made space. "Good. I will teach you a weave that blows up the earth in front of you. Then we make a game. 250 span in front of you I made a line in the grass. You can't miss it. The first who reaches that line without hurting anyone, wins. That means that you will not have tasks in the evening. If they are lucky, the numbers two and three are also free in the evening. But that depends on how I feel then. Now, look well. Otherwise you have to look what your fellow Soldiers do. This is the weave." The Asha'man channeled an amount Saidin Leyrann wished he could ever channel himself. Then the Asha'man made a weave with Fire and Earth, and the earth exploded. "This is very useful in a fight. Now start." All Soldiers seized Saidin, and started. Leyrann was about average to start weaving. While his weaves were a bit below average in size, he was one of the fasted in weaving them. Soon, five Soldiers were in front, at something like 20 span from the start line. Leyrann was one of them. Two were this fast because of the size of their weaves, the other three, Leyrann one of them, because the speed. After some more time passed, Leyrann had maybe done 75 span, while the other four all had something between 65 and 80 span. (OOC: I don't already know who is going to win. I'll see when it comes that far) The two behind were those with the large weaves. They'd become more slowly. Leyrann also had, but not as much as they had. There was a small gap behind those two, and at 55 span Kael followed. And a bit behind him the others. While still weaving, Leyrann noticed black clouds appearing above... He thought he felt Saidin in them... At once, thunder began to flash. A minute ago, there were not even clouds. The Asha'man barked, with an enhanced voice, they had to pause, but stay on their places. The Asha'man seized Saidin, and wove something large that existed mostly of Spirit, but also Earth, Water and Air. (OOC: Just use this ones. I think Grounded Shield could be what I want, but I don't know) When the lightning flashed, it hit the shield the weaves had made, but it stopped there. It also began to rain.

"Good practice while waiting," the Asha'man yelled. "Keep yourself dry, like I do." A weave appeared around the Asha'man, and Leyrann copied it. But some, those who had made large weaves, but slowly, couldn't do it. Most, it seemed. When he looked at the town, Leyrann saw some Asha'man running to the field. No, they didn't run to the field. They ran to a place at the forest in front of them. With a start, Leyrann saw an Asha'man, looking at the sky, screaming with madness. The four Asha'man from the town, ran over to him, and shielded him. The clouds disappeared in moments. The Asha'man from the town took the insane Asha'man with them, and walked back. It was the first time Leyrann had seen a mad Asha'man, but he had heard stories about it. Even stories about Asha'man that had killed Soldiers before someone could shield them. Leyrann thought that that would be the best way to get unwilling Soldiers listening. To say that the Soldier wouldn't be protected from insane channelers. It would work for Leyrann.

"Go on," the Asha'man barked. Leyrann wove on. A few more hours passed. It was already after noon, when he saw the finish line. It was still something like 80 span away, but he was getting near. Only two Soldiers still seemed to have a chance to win. Leyrann was at the front, the other one was 5 span behind. Then it was something like 25 span to the rest. Of course you never knew what would happen. The Asha'man again yelled something: "If you're ready, you may have your lunch." A good reason to become even a bit faster, Leyrann thought. But he knew he was getting more slowly. It was exhausting to channel this intensive and this long. But to be free in the evening...

Two more hours passed, and it was maybe 10 span to the finish now. But the other Soldier was almost equal to him. And another was getting faster, but still 15 span behind. Sure that one wouldn't win. 8 span. 6 span, and the other Soldier was equal. 3 span. The other Soldier was in front. Some huge blasts didn't matter. Leyrann had still 2 span to go, when the other Soldier finished. Maybe one minute after the other Soldier, he finished. He sat down on the ground, and started eating his lunch. Soldiers learned to make a lunch each morning very fast...

The Asha'man came to them, and Leyrann wanted to pull himself up, to salute.

"Sit down. You've done enough for now. You will both be free this evening." The Asha'man looked at Leyrann. "You're more skilled in making the weaves than most. A bit weaker, but very skilled. I think almost as skilled as women generally are." The Asha'man looked at the other Soldier. It seemed that Soldier was also a bit more skilled than most, but not as skilled as Leyrann. Only a bit stronger.


OOC: End of this day, for Leyrann. That were more than 1100 words... I will soon add a second post. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

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OOC: Just tried the other way to see DM. Now I have to write it again...




It was raining when Leyrann walked out. He saw an Asha'man standing outside, gathering Soldiers. Also Leyrann has to wait. Some minutes later, they went to the forest. There the Asha'man explained what they had to do.

"All listen! The seven fasted weavers of yesterday form one group here. The others will get instructions now!" Wondering what his group would have to do, Leyrann walked over to the group of seven. "We need wood. You cut the trees, then cut them in branches. Use this weave." The Asha'man made a weave, and then walked over to Leyrann's group. "You have to dry the wood. As soon as they have cut a tree, I will teach you." A minute later, the first tree was cut. "Look well," the Asha'man said, cutting off a branch. "I'm not going to do this whole tree. That's your task." He wove something with Water, and the wood dried. Leyrann and the others took over. It was a difficult weave, but not too much for Leyrann. Two weren't able to perform it. One was not strong enough with Water, the other wasn't skilled enough. They were replaced by two Soldiers of an other group, that had the task to bring the wood to the town. At noon, 15 trees were cut. "Faster!" the Asha'man yelled again. "It's noon already. Do you think you can weave as easily at night as you can at day? You have to see which tree you cut!" Four more hours passed, and some Soldiers almost weren't able to perform the weave anymore. It was also hard for Leyrann. Two others of their group were replaced too. They had been too tired of the weave. "Stop cutting," the Asha'man said. "We have enough. First look if you can dry the wood. If you can't, then cut it." Three others were strong enough to dry it. After the drying, Leyrann felt like he could sleep until noon next day. But he was afraid the Asha'man wouldn't allow it...

But they were not ready. There was still much wood on the field. Together, they spend something like one more hour bringing the wood to the town, because most were too exhausted to channel. Leyrann didn't want to try, because he was sure he wouldn't make it an hour, and would neither be able to carry them if he channeled now. Back at the barracks, he could eat something, and then he had to do the dishes of the barracks. They were with ten, but they had to do the dishes of 100 people. After that, Leyrann decided not to put his clothes out before getting to sleep. He slept within seconds.

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OOC: Seems maybe an Asha'man could jump in and be a little bossy. WEG Skechid, if you see this...Come out and PLAY!!!



Ragnar walked to one of the barracks that had been designated for Soldiers. Mostly they slept here, their days much too full with training to have time for much else. He had been told there was one here with some skill in the weaving of Saidin, if not much strength. This was not entirely out of the ordinary, but with the fury that is Saidin, there is no reason to let the skilled train as common weapons. Better to make them into a fine blade to be wielded by a master than a cheap blade given to Trolloc Fodder. Ragnar would see if this was a fine blade or a cheap sword to be reforged as a belt knife.

Walking into the building he viewed the double row of cots lined up on either side of the room. He noticed most of the occupants was up, except one. "Is this Soldier Leyrann?" He asked. He got an immediate "Yes Asha'man!" from one of the Soldiers. At that Ragnar formed the flame in his mind, feeding it with his emotions until it died out from lack of fuel, leaving him floating in an empty void filled only with the sickly yellow light from Saidin. Reaching to this light and grasping ahold of it, Ragnar found himself filled with the sweet revulsion that came with every time he filled himself with the Power. Taking threads of Air and Fire, Ragnar wove them together and spoke right next to the sleeping Soldier's cot. "Wake up Soldier. This day you train with ME!"


OOC: What can you do with that?

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