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  1. OOC: Seems maybe an Asha'man could jump in and be a little bossy. WEG Skechid, if you see this...Come out and PLAY!!! IC: Ragnar walked to one of the barracks that had been designated for Soldiers. Mostly they slept here, their days much too full with training to have time for much else. He had been told there was one here with some skill in the weaving of Saidin, if not much strength. This was not entirely out of the ordinary, but with the fury that is Saidin, there is no reason to let the skilled train as common weapons. Better to make them into a fine blade to be wielded by a master than a cheap blade given to Trolloc Fodder. Ragnar would see if this was a fine blade or a cheap sword to be reforged as a belt knife. Walking into the building he viewed the double row of cots lined up on either side of the room. He noticed most of the occupants was up, except one. "Is this Soldier Leyrann?" He asked. He got an immediate "Yes Asha'man!" from one of the Soldiers. At that Ragnar formed the flame in his mind, feeding it with his emotions until it died out from lack of fuel, leaving him floating in an empty void filled only with the sickly yellow light from Saidin. Reaching to this light and grasping ahold of it, Ragnar found himself filled with the sweet revulsion that came with every time he filled himself with the Power. Taking threads of Air and Fire, Ragnar wove them together and spoke right next to the sleeping Soldier's cot. "Wake up Soldier. This day you train with ME!" OOC: What can you do with that?
  2. Ragnar continued locking the metal in place. Each piec that hit was wrapped tight in spirit to bind it to the others. Water was then used cool the metal, and Earth to strengthen it. He could feel the pieces fall into place, but as the last one fell, the last flow had to be laid over it. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit flowed through the boot knife. The blade sharpened, the flows settled and the metal cooled and floated down to Ragnar's hand. He then turned and handed it over to Arath. "Please look this over and tell me what you think."
  3. Ragnar turned back to his work. All of the pieces were in place. Unfortunately a large crowd had gathered. How they all had found out he was going to be doing this here was beyond him, but he would have to work past it. Over his shoulder he told the Dedicated who had identified himself as Baran "Make sure you keep that air shield tight. There are a lot of lives at risk here." Out of the corner of his eye, Ragnar noticed Skechid slip in. The man still slips around half ghostlike. I'll have to catch up with him after this. Turning inward, Ragnar built a flame in his mind, stoking the fire with his fears and nervousness, his misgivings and guilt, allowing the fire to wash him clean and connect him to the task at hand. Once he found himself in the perfect stillness of the Void he reached out and grasped hold of the rancid sweetness of Saidin, and the struggle to survive the power that would one day kill him began. Some said it felt like dancing on a sword blade. Sometimes it felt as if Ragnar was being heated by the fires of the forge while sitting in a frozen lake. But all of this moved along the outside of the void and did not intrude upon his mind. Reaching out, he formed flows of air to lift the metal to eye level and surrounded it in a shell of Air. Then fire danced it's way into being, heating the metal until it ran liquid, the impurities flickering in small flames at the intense heat. Start small. Wielding earth, Ragnar began to align portions of the metal so small they could only be felt with the One Power, never seen. As each fell in line, a flow of spirit went through, stabilizing and strengthening the structure. Things were going well.
  4. Ragnar stood in the barn that he had formerly used as forge. A Saidin formed ball of light floated in the air above the center of the floor. He had gathered several ingots and rods of metal from the new forge that the tower had built, but it was not what he needed now, and would not be for some time yet. He listened as someone entered behind him. Doesn't sound like Arath, so it must be the helper I asked for. Ragnar didn't look around, he just drew the place into himself, absorbing the smell, the feel, the place. He would have to change some things in here, and strengthen the building somewhat, but it would do for tonight, and to show the Tower why he needed the resources to continue to train this Talent. Shortly after, Ragnar hear another set of footsteps. "Now we can begin" he said as he turned to face his audience. "I will need a Sphere of Air held around me, like this" Ragnar said, grasping Saidin and and weaving Air in a shell around his hand. "It must surround me and the work I am doing. This is to prevent any damage from getting out if something goes wrong. Also, make sure that the air in here stays fresh. Things could get bad very fast if I were to pass out in the middle of this." He said, looking to make sure that everyone understood.
  5. "Wait, did you say that you bonded a RED Sister as a Warder? In Tar Valon? How did this happen? Did the Dragon have something to do with this. That man seems to turn the world on it's head. As far as my Talent, we can meet tonight. I haven't stretched my muscles in far too long, but it will be easier to do this at night when it is quiet. I'll also need a Soldier or Dedicated to work with me. I've had a few ideas about the process since I left and I may finally get a weapon that will hold it's edge without me having to maintain a weave in the weapon to do it." Ragnar said. He really did look forward to trying his crafting once again, it had been far too long. OOC I'll start a separate post later today for this. Go ahead and respond now if you wish though and let me know if there are any rules I need to know about for Aligning the Matrix that have changed since I left. Dali had me do the part about not actually making a power wrought weapon yet.
  6. As Ragnar came into the office, he noticed Arath was writing away at some kind of report or another. "I can't bloody stand this stuff. I spend more time writing about leadership than actually leading anything anymore. I'm more afraid of the next report than I am of the taint these days." Arath said, motioning him to the seat across the desk from him. Ragnar remembered Dali sitting across a desk much like this from him, and saying much the same. Ragnar hated reports, all they did was take up time that could better be spent for no visible gain. "So tell me then, what have you been up to since you left? You said you only wandered as far as Murandy, but I can think of an awful lot of trouble someone can like us can get into between here and there." "I wouldn't say that I got into trouble, but I did straighten my fair share of it out. I did my best to show more steel than fire, but there are now some who would welcome those like us as Guardians among them. And there are quite a few less bandits roaming in the area between here and Murandy. But I have to say, there are far more problems going on out there than I would have thought. Look, Dali and I went head to head over this before, and I have no idea if policy has changed, but we can do a lot more good out there than we are sitting safe here. The world needs us to BE Asha'man in deed, not just name." Ragnar said. "And by the way, as a Storm Leader, I found those reports to be a waste of paper and about as useless as a Tinker in a sword fight. So now that I've said my peace, what needs to be done around here. I can still bend the metal like no other I've met and I've learned a few new things with the blade and Saidin, so put me to work while I'm here."
  7. OOC: Wow, I get 2 guides for the price of one. Let's see how I can make this play. "Asha'man, how may I serve?" The young man asked. After looking again, Ragnar noticed that the Dedicated had just come into the mess hall, and was not actually leaving it. "My apologies Dedicated, but I need a guide to Storm Leader Arath's office, can you point out a suitable guide and I will let you go to your meal?" He had eaten seldom enough while he was away, he would not begrudge another his meal. "Dedicated Baran, Asha'man." the man said, looking around until he saw a Soldier walking away from the scullery. "There Asha'man, looks like Soldier Kelitor just finished, and he knows the way. "Thank you, Baran." Ragnar said and made his way over to the Soldier the Dedicated pointed out. Stepping quickly in front of him Ragnar noted the surprise in his eyes, but saw that he quickly snapped to, the bells in his hair jingling. "Asha'man?" "I need a guide to Storm Leader Arath's office, and as it seems you have finished your meal, I would ask this of you." Orders were for the battlefield, not a gathering place. Ragnar had always felt that way, and this wouldn't change just because he was back here. He knew he would lead some of these men to their deaths, and would be forced to grant the last mercy to others, but he could still treat them as human, for now. The Soldier turned and led the the way. Once they arrived, Ragnar knew he would be able to find it again. "Here you are, sir. Storm Leader should be inside." "Thank you Soldier Kelitor." Ragnar said and turned to knock on the door. OOC: Back to you Arath
  8. Ragnar's mind was in turmoil. Dalinarius, one of the men who had trained him in the One Power, who had guided him through the changes from man to guardian, a man with a purpose greater than himself had died. And from a coup. But the Tower went on, and so must he. Grieving would have to wait. Opening the door to his quarters, he noted that they were in the same exact shape he had left them in, scattered from the quick packing, but other than that in rather good order. Going to his wardrobe, he dropped his packs off and pulled out some fresh clothing. He transferred his pins to a fresh black coat. The temperature didn't bother him, he hardly noticed it after having lived in rough made camps most nights and travelling constantly. The cold meant less to him now than a prick on the finger. Looking in the dusty mirror on his wall, Ragnar ran his fingers through his hair and once more tied it back. He then turned and walked out the door, closing it behind him. Food would be easy to find, he just followed the smells. Quickly he found the communal kitchen and ate a bowl of porridge and some roast pig. After finishing his food, Ragnar looked around and grabbed at the first person to walk past him. Anyone could show him where to go Arath had said.
  9. There may have been no need for governors after the DO reshaped the pattern, but was certainly a need for them during the time of the war. Why would the DO not reward a good administrator who handled his mortal affairs well?
  10. "When I left, the Aes Sedai had just concluded negotiating with the Tower, and the M'Hael was preparing for us to go to Tear and there are DREADLORDS in the Borderlands?" This was a lot to process, but the first question was as simple as a one as any warrior might ask. "What are we doing about the Dreadlords? Just one man or woman who can channel can decimate a legion of borderland troops. They will need our help." Ragnar hoped that things here had changed enough so that maybe this time, the fight could be taken to the enemy before the damage got out of hand. "And where is Dalinarius? I guess he'll want my report and to tear a few strips from my hide for being gone so long."
  11. Getting his horse settled into the stables was a quite simple matter. As he walked into the stables he grabbed a bucket and filled it with snow. Placing his horse in the stall, Ragnar set the bucket by the stone hearth for the snow to melt itself. By the time he had removed the saddle and packs, the snow had melted. Placing the bucket in the stall with his horse, he went to retrieve another bucket, this one filled with grain. That done, he told the Soldier on duty to brush out his horse. Then gathering up his packs he began making his way out when he almost ran into a Storm Leader. A familiar looking Storm Leader. "Ragnar ... this is certainly a surprise. Though in light of recent events, I can't really say why." Searching the farthest depths of his mind, he searched for a name that would fit."How have you been? WHERE have you been?". Arath, Arath Faringal. That was his name. "Arath? Have I really been gone so long that you made Storm Leader? I hope it rests more lightly on you than it did on me." Ragnar replied. He had not liked being "In Command". He would lead men in battle, but he could not set policy for an army of men who would eventually go mad. "As to how I have been, I feel like I have been wandering the back end of Shayol Ghul itself even though I only went as far as Murandy. But I felt like I was making a difference in real peoples lives. I assume you got the men I sent this way for you?" he asked. "By the way, do I still have quarters here, or do I need to find another place to stay?"
  12. Somewhere in Murandy... His brown coat was tattered, ripped in more places than were whole. He had wandered far and long in this current absence from the tower, but he had done some good as well. The dreams of her no longer haunted him, and this was good to his mind. He felt the pull, and each day it grew stronger. He was needed at the Tower once more, and he himself needed to be there. He himself had found four men who were capable of channeling and desired it. He sent them each on their way to the Farm with a note to his superiors. He had been one of them once, a Storm Leader, but they had different ideas of what it meant to be a Guardian, an Asha'man. So he went his own way and made use of his skills to protect those who were in need. His sword had tasted the blood of Bandits and raiders as he helped defend farmers and villages from their depredations. But now it was time to go back and help prepare the next wave of Saidin powered guardians who might just help break the world again... Ragnar stood, reigns of his horse held loosely in his hand. In his mind he built the flame, the all consuming fire that had killed his uncle and burned the farm, but here it consumed his anger, fear, hate, doubt and other emotions that would only distract him from the fight. Once it was gone the flame left nothing, a Void in which he floated alone. Alone except for the sickly yellow light that was Saidin. Reaching out in his mind he grasped hold of that awful and glorious power and forged it to his will. It turned his stomach and lifted his spirits, he could see so clearly, but felt as if he was rotting away from the inside. He then began spinning out strands of Spirit, boring a hole in the fabric of the pattern between where he stood and his destination...Home. The Gateway sprang in to being, appearing to form a line and roate open into a circle in the space before him. He stepped through, leading his horse. Once through Ragnar released the Gate and then Saidin as well. He was in the travelling yard and knew that he had better change his coat. Stepping to his horse he opened the saddlebags and pulled out the Black Coat, a sword gleaming silver on one collar, the Red Enameled Dragon on the other. He changed coats and then made his way to the stables to put away his horse. Looking around, he could see much had changed. Ragnar Asha'man Aligner of the Matrix Maker of weapons
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