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Deleted scenes and outtakes


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The following is an idea that has bounced round my head for a few days so i thought it might be fun to share them with you kind folks. Please enjoy reading them as much as they amused me while driving.


Deleted Scenes and Outtakes Part One.



The Eye of the World

Battle at the Eye take 31


Rand ran until his lungs burned and his hands and wrists were scored to bleeding by the rocks in the mountainside as he scrambled upward to safety he hoped. Light he hoped Egwene was safely away by now.

He stumbled into a clearing and kept running a few more paces until he saw what lay before him. A raw cliff face stretched out below him for hundreds of feet, despairing he turned to find another way when a man entered the small clearing behind him and smiled.

He was a young looking man in the prime of life sandy blond hair fell to his shoulders barely concealing the whip cord muscles hidden beneath a white silk shirt and black breeches tucked deftly into knee high leather boots worked in heavy gold leaf.

Rand gasped and felt the void form around him, instinctively he reached for the sickly glowing light within the void and, he stared as a sheet of fire three paces wide and nearly a pace across shot out toward the man before he could even speak. Screaming the man reeled backwards into the bushes and began rolling down the hillside knocking into trees and bouncing off of half buried rocks until he landed beside the now dead body of the Green Man.

Rand swore loudly and began to run after the man ducking through swathes of overgrowth and still swinging branches. He reached the bottom in time to see Be’lal and Moiraine kneel over him shaking their heads.

“#$%^” Moiraine said with exasperation, looking to Rand as he entered the clearing she waved her hands in a gesture of pure frustration at the charred corpse before her and spoke.

“You either cannot channel when you wish or you are to quick to channel. Have you even READ the flaming script? Honestly at this rate this story wont be done for five more chapters.” Turning she looked at Be’lal and spoke again.

Be'lal was wrapped in a thick fire retardant material and stepped back from Rand when her eyes fell on him.

“He’s not channeling now Bel dear but I don’t think that Aginor here will last long if we try to move him. You think maybe we could get . . . him to do a house call?”

Be’lal threw his hands up in the air in frustration and turned around to walk away then stopped. Turning again he stalked back to Moiraine and pointed a finger at Rand shaking with rage.

“This . . . bumpkin has already burned me beyond recognition five times and nearly bale fired me to boot. I cannot believe that this is Lews Therin reborn. Im sorry but even when he was drunk Lews Therin never caught me on FIRE.” Lowering his hand he made to stalk off again but Moiraine spoke before he could.

“Please Bel, for me? I could do that dance you were talking about the other night?” she winked suggestively and Be’lal stopped.

“Oh.. . fine. Bloody woman has me wrapped around her finger. Fine fine ill call him don’t put a long handle on your flaming axe.” Reaching inside the flame retardant wrappings he fished out a cell phone and dialed a simple three digit phone number. Turning away he spoke softly but Rand could still hear him.

“Hey. Its me. Uh huh. . . no im fine but that kid did it again. No he just turned Aginor into charcoal this time. Premature channeling. Yes shes certain he really IS Lews Therin. I know I know but, well she is cute. Thank you. Ill make sure to tell him. . . ok late.” Turning around as if no one had been listening in he stopped and frowned as Moiraine put away a glittering blue gem while trying to look as innocent as a babe.

“Hes coming but hes getting tired of this.” Turning to Rand he grimaced and spoke. “Im supposed to tell you ‘I have one again Lews Therin.”

To Rands right the bushes rustled and Rand stared as Mat and Nynaeve entered the clearing holding hands. Nynaeve was blushing furiously while whispering in Mat’s ear but stopped when mat saw the burned corpse lying in a collapsing pile on the ground.

“Blood and Bloody Ashes Rand. . . again? Seriously you need to see an Aes Sedai about that problem.”


Please feel free to add your own thoughts, in fact i look forward to them. good night all.

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