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  1. The main and only difference that will make a tinkers damn is this. the main prophecies on both sides of the ocean are eerily similar. EXCEPT for one thing I noticed a few books back. The seanchan in their arrogance have altered their prophecies to show the dragon kneeling to the empress where in the karaethon (sp?) cycle it shows the exact opposite. If rand kneels to fortuona then what aviendha saw will happen. knowing this I think she will make damned sure it never comes to pass in that way. Also as rand is now a force of light he is much much more powerful then he was when he was under
  2. Tthe seanchan have not practiced overly much with healing and in no case can I imagine the need to heal a bloodknife as their purpose in existance is to die after they've completed their assignment. Also the fact that the bloodknives perish is a clear indicator that the seanchan do NOT want them around to tell of the killing. given the devious nature of their politics it seems prudent. im sure given time enough avi and elayne could figure something out but other then the obfuscating abilities applied with the Ter'Angreal the bloodknives already appear to have warder like abilities.
  3. I cannot bring it fully to memory but there is on the forums here somewhere a link to a beer add where the guy is reading out loud and iirc he is reading from Towers of Midnight.
  4. It has always meant to me that in doing the things that you are meant to do... aka the right things in life it can be very hard. Dying is simpler sometimes than facing our pasts and our future. Anyone that has gone through a divorce for instance can take very particular meaning from the saying i think.
  5. fades are not entirely within the world and due to this they can use the vaquole after a fashion. what they do is. . . instinctive would be the best word I can think of. contact with a passenger would be essential or else the passenger would be lost or simply not taken at all. the horse used by fades are I believe somewhat changed not unlike darkhounds. normal horses are at least fearful around trollocs and fades as well as most shadowspawn. given that trollocs were created before fades it is suprising that fades being a "throwback" to the human stock even exist in the consistent numbers t
  6. Interesting. I was under the mistaken impression that there was a lapse in time between the taint being noticed and it causing the insanity. Thank you.
  7. I think that creature like the raken and to' raken are descendants of dragons but if memory serves these along with the other exotics the seanchan possess come from different realities. So it is entirely possible that dragons still exist just not within the mainline reality?
  8. What I would love to see is this. Since iron is already used as a basis for cuendillar why not take existing pieces of armor and transform it. It would be indestructible and someone with a talent for it like egwene could transform large amounts of it rather quickly. Honestly im flabbergasted that it has not been done before.
  9. "Bloody thing must have been designed by insane, cross-eyed Trollocs and built from the bones of the damned." So youve met my ex AND my first car...amazing. On topic. . . I think they'd be a fine gift. The gifts we give others should mean something to ourselves as well as to the reciever, however if the meaning to you is simply the knowledge that he will enjoy them then that alone is significance enough to yourself to justify the gift. just be worried if he suddenly askes you to play maidens kiss.
  10. Greetings all thank you for your time. Something amazing occurred to me while I was trying to sleep and it woke me straight up. In the process of cleansing the taint of siadin from the true source Rand iirc “shielded” it though a column of siadar. That being said in the books directly AFTER that we begin to notice that keepings and wards made by siadar are if not failing….being corrupted as if rotting away without exactly failing entirely. This is a process that you may have noticed in some things created with siadin in the past. The ways area wonderful example. The ways were corrupted ov
  11. I am rand sedai...we dont need no stinkin Choedan Kal we got me....like a boss YAAH.... honestly never thought about it as ive only read that book once and im in the rereading process atm so maybe I might come up with something better.....or not the light only knows.
  12. I always thought that somehow it was Ilyena's soul split into three new bodies so that somehow rand could learn something from each of them.
  13. i agree about the forsaken. i think being in the long sleep has dulled their collective wits. ishy seems to be the only one that has actually managed to come close to accomplishing anything. realistically they should have been ordered to unite axe rand and then slide into home without having to do a thing more. the forsaken are........a let down imho. they are feared above all others but soon enough even the lesser friends of the dark grow to disrespect them.
  14. I disagree but without real precedent....shrug :0)
  15. This is I believe one of those gray areas that RJ wrote himself into, I may be wrong but I personally think that when he was creating some parts of the concept of heroes he may have not realized just how much interest would be directed to them. If you doubt this simply look at the number of threads that talk about olver and gaidal cain specifically. TAR is well known to be a place where time is distorted and nearly impossible to count. An hour spent in TAR could be ten in the waking world of vice versa. In the case of gaidal cain Birgitte states that she "thinks he must have been spun back out
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