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ASOIAF reader starting TWOT


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hello, I am new to this site and series. I am a fanatic reader of anything and everything GRRM has written. I have purposely avoided the other supposed cannon of fantasy secondary to my fierce loyality to GRRM. But I have become discouraged reading ASOIAF. The story has fizzled in the fifth book and I can't bear to wait five years just to be hoodwinked again. I picked up the first three books of this series and was hooked the minute Tam and Rands farm was attacked. I hope this series is everything it appears to be

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Welcome to Dragonmount.com, mysonulysses

We have many different forums and sub-forums where you can discuss practically anything that you want. I encourage you to browse the forums, read and also participate in the countless discussions that are ongoing. Also, some of the places where WOT fans can have the most fun are in the various Social Groups here, based upon different groups written by Robert Jordan in the Wheel of Time.

If you are interested, post what you like best in The Wheel of Time series, and then you can be given suggestions as to which ones of the Social Groups on Dragonmount that you might like. Dragonmount also has roleplay forums for those whom want to immerse themselves in character into the most fascinating fantasy world ever created, the world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

It is always great to welcome a new reader of the Wheel of Time series. This series written by Robert Jordan, and being finished by Brandon Sanderson, is without a doubt my most favorite fictional series of books of all time. Although, I cannot guarantee that you will love the WOT series as much as I do, it is great to see that you've been hooked by RJ so early in the very first book.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me at any time.

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