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Character Info

Full name: Thadeus al'Dobnan aka The Dob

Age: 16


Role: rogue noble



Current Weapon Strength: 2



Bio link



Progress report


Bio aproval: 07/23/2011


Intro-RP with Nargbert of a decent size, in which you both flesh out the characters as well as their journey to where they are currently at as mentioned in the bio.


When the RP is complete Post a link to it in this thread.


Weapon Score progression:


As a Freebooter you follow the general WS system.


To claim your WS points you need to RP situations that are in line with the requirements of that WS level (see WS system).


Once the RP is finished, post here with a link to the RP like this:



WS progression: A date with destiny - link

replace the 'a date with destiny' with the title of your RP and 'link' with a link to your RP thread.



Note: should you encounter any difficulties finishing up your RP for whatever reason, post here and one of the Trainers will investigate and help you to get your RP finished.



This thread was based off of your bio. If you have progressed since you were raised please provide the proper information and links and this will be updated to reflect your character's true scores.

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