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Everything you need to know about the various Ajahs


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Green Ajah


Things You Need to Know About Being a Green:




  • Given the small number of Tower Guards and being the only folks allowed to bond more than one, we do have a limit to how many bonds you can have. The limit for Greens is 3!
  • Yes, you can marry your warder! Just remember, you can't marry them all!
  • NO, you can't have his kids. Or, at least you can't wander the Tower rocking a belly bump. Pregnant Greens are sent away to have their kids and then, the kids are taken away to be raised outside of the mother's sphere of influence. This isn't to be mean, it's to keep the child from being used to get back to you. Keep in mind that we're Aes Sedai, which means we live for loopholes and being allowed to leave the Tower whenever we want, for as long as we want, can usually do a good job of covering up your kid-raising years. You just have to be careful about people catching on and know that when/if you return, acknowledging the child/children is NOT an option. If they happen to come to the Tower to be trained (for whatever reason), you don't want them mentioning who their Mom is. There are very ugly consequences for skirting this rule if you're caught!



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