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Old Newbie.


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Hey Hey, Im new to these forums, I had signed up for the forums whenever these forums were down and there were temp forums up, but I guess that didn't transfer over. I started reading these books when I was in 4th grade, and now im going to the University of Houston, so quite a while. Anyways, my favorite characters are probaly Mat, Thom, and Rand, mainly because none of their chapters has 50000 names all talking and chatting. Like book 9 I think, where there was a ton of White Tower chatting which I hated. But anyhow, I look forward to posting on the forums.

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hello and i know what you mean because sometimes it gets too confusing on who is who


i hope to see you around


please join us in fiddles and on the orgs aswell


if you like mat the bandmight be a good org for you

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