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  1. Yeah, Phi is a mathematical concept, 1.618 or the golden number, or how humans see beauty. But it is also more, you should look it up, it is interesting.
  2. Well before I start explaining why I think that the WOT is highly based on religion aspects of life, I will try to quickly summarize my beliefs. It all reverts back to sexuality, I mean, mentally, physically, everything is eventually returned to the perfect simpleness of the basis of life. Its understanding identity through conception of origin as perceived through others around us, helping us see for ourselves, our way into the egg, the cocoon of all glory. Females show us the way into god, and we reinforce them with life. We're selfish, snakeish sperm head egos...who have to simply come alive by realizing our own conception, which happens through finding nature in females around us. So basically men are a snake and females are an egg. Light is always in motion, a circulation of 'perfection' that is constantly broken by the snake, the selfish, and darkness is formed, proving a moment to be 'in ignorance' of others inside of this perfect light wave. Light is the only essence, there is only one other thing aside from that, non-light, dark. Ignorance is Snake is dark, Wisdom is sphere is light. Enlightmentent is...spirals overlapping, two seperate spheres growing into one. True enlightenment is the eclipses, eclipses of the mind spirit and body. The eclipse is observing time through gods eyes, or gnosis the state of meeting oneself. Of course most of you know what phi is. The more phi you are originally born with, the speedier you excel around the sphere of god. But anyways, I could go on for another hour or so about this. I am sure you can see the metaphors based on what I said in say, The Bible, with the forbidden fruit being much more then what most people believe, but more along the lines of our mastery of surfaces, our elemental expansions with technology, and our use of machines which cause electromagnetic controversy with nature. Or that we have the words positive and negative, the negative iron of nature makes us feel relaxed, positive is negative, vice versa. I was thinking about how this all correlates the the WoT series. The feeling of being in "Phi" is when you feel the touch of god, and your electric center is in order, generally when you are in deep phi, you feel perfectly balanced, in gnosis, and if you were to "break" that connection, it would be almost like a jolt of electricity. I think that Seeking the "oneness" in WoT is related to this belief in thinking, and that Saidin/Saidar are almost the snake/egg but are both the creator as a whole. Much like Saidin is hard to use due to having to constantly battle it, is like a male alone would have to do to find gnosis, battling the snake of his soul in order to attain inner peace. While Saidar you surrender to, much like the egg, since women are naturally more intuned with such things. Yet both work together to form the wheel, because only together can they be truly complete, while saidin (the snake) physically turns the wheel, Saidar (The egg) works to make sure the wheel isn't turned the wrong way. The snake forming infinity while biting itself, and turning the wheel, or egg. Women being able to link, while men can't without a women, because no two snakes can truly get along in that fashion. Obviously there are many things during the series that would make this belief coincide with events in the book, but I am about to go get some food. So feel free to post your opinions, and I will post some more when I get back.
  3. I started reading the series when I was around 12-13, and I am 21 now.
  4. You guys are right, I was only thinking along those lines because of Fain having the I guess.. power of Aridhol and also being able to control MS that it might be something like that.
  5. I know this is a long shot, but could Machin Shin be a reflection of Mashadar on the worlds grown from the Waygates?
  6. Well besides the fact that Mogehedian told Nyv that male channelers were better at healing then females before they all went insane, I think it also says somewhere in the book, or implies that a male channeler would be able to heal Siuan/Leane more fully then Nyv could.
  7. Is it possible that Taim is just already insane, but instead of going "No TV, No Beer, Make Homer go something something" insane, he just thinks much higher of himself then he should. Or maybe he sold his soul to heal his insanity, We know that it is possible because of Moridin and LTT in book 1.
  8. In much the same way that the taint of Shadar Logoth is not gone from the world until Fain and the Dagger are also gone, I think that the taint on Saidin is close to the same thing, and that it won't be truly gone until certain other things that still hold some of the taint, and objects that were created with the taint were destroyed. That leads me to believe that Machin Shin probaly isn't gone quite yet anyways. What I don't exactly understand though, is if Machin Shin was created due to the taint on Saidin, wouldn't it be more likely to be controlled by the DO over Fain? Yet so far Fain has been the only person capable of fending off the voices, that we have seen.
  9. They can use the power if their lives are threatened, and if broken they could possibly be molded to think that they are always threatened. - Diefett If they were pushed to that extreme level of paranoia, I doubt that they would remain sane. - RobertAlexWillis ----------------------------- I would agree with you if not for what happened in KoD, When Egwene saw (sorry I am re-reading the series and forgot the name) the Aes Sedai who had sworn fealty to her in the Little Tower, in the White Tower, she had broken her oath by basically telling herself that Egwene wasn't the real Amyrilin. It appears the three oaths, and even fealty can be changed through strong belief that something has changed.
  10. I doubt his training in Tar Valon helped him move up in the whitecloaks :x
  11. Well I meant turnings of the wheel, not ages exactly Kaptain/Kadere. But thanks for clearing that up Leopoled, even though it doesn't really answer the question, it is the best we will probaly ever receive anyhow, unless RJ cares to have a chapter about this, or posts something about this in a blog.
  12. Hey Hey, Im new to these forums, I had signed up for the forums whenever these forums were down and there were temp forums up, but I guess that didn't transfer over. I started reading these books when I was in 4th grade, and now im going to the University of Houston, so quite a while. Anyways, my favorite characters are probaly Mat, Thom, and Rand, mainly because none of their chapters has 50000 names all talking and chatting. Like book 9 I think, where there was a ton of White Tower chatting which I hated. But anyhow, I look forward to posting on the forums.
  13. But if LTT also had the dragon before him in his head, and that dragon had the dragon before him in head, so on and so on. Then Rand technically has the most memories and power knowledge of any dragon ever.
  14. Hey everyone, I am new to these forums and I am sorry if this is an old thread brought back to life sorta thing, I just had a quick question about it. So everyone talks about LTT being the oldest Dragon, but if this wheel has been repeating itself for so many years, and the DO says that "He he fights the dragon numerous times in the past" So did LTT hear the dragon before him in his head? Will Rand be in the next Dragons head if this isn't truly the last last battle? It just seems to me that after each of these times that the dragon would become more powerful after every time he was born, due to having more and more memories and skills then the time before based on the things that he does. But this would also suggest that every time the Dragon seals up the DO that the taint is released. Or was LTT the first Dragon affected by the taint?
  15. Well I know this is a little bit off topic, But I agree with the fact that Fain will end up doing some good in the novel to save rand before the end. I always pictured him as the (flamewar go!) Gollum figure in the WoT books. Even though he has been trying to kill Rand to reclaim something of his (remove the distilling he received from the DO) but in the end he is needed to do some final good before he dies. As for Taim, The fact that he says "Let the lord of Chaos rule" which we hear numerous Forsaken say during the books basically makes him a new dreadlord, and his special group of Asha'Men are obviously brought to the dark side with him also. I don't know if it will be him vs Logain really though, I was guessing that once Egwene regains the Tower, she will bring the good Asha'Men to be true Aei Sedai in the tower as well. That is the only way to make the tower truly whole. That might be why RJ made a specific reference to the Black Tower having walls that seemed like they would never be completed, and Taim having his fortress in a completely different area of the world only being reachable via a gateway.
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