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Hail Both Light&Dark


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I trust everyone is well? Bit if background on me I have been reading Robert Jordan's books 1996 (which is when I started High School) and have carried on re reading them to date. I, like many of you out there, cannot wait for the next and final (is it the final?) installment but after reading the news about RJ's (we have a restaurant here called RJ's :P )health I just wish to say please take your time the book is second to your health, so please take your time to get better.


I will visit from time to time but not alot.


Keep Well and especially to Robert get well soon!




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Hey Anakha, it's always great to see another new face around here...well, I suppose that isn't quite right...we don't really se your face...but lol you know what I mean.


I am 15 at the moment, I started reading the books about 15 months ago, I finished them in February. i've started re-reading them while deciding what to read next, and am now nearing the end of the Dragon Reborn in about 1 month from when I restarted...well, I restarted over a month ago, but for a couple weeks I wasn't able to read them...so I'm not counting that...lol.


Well, welcome to DM. oh btw, we don't get many ppl from your neck o' the woods, South Africa? wow thats one place I've never been...and thats saying something...well sorta, I am an MK (Missionary Kid), my parents are missionaries to Papua New Guinea, and I've been pretty much round the world...excet Africa, never set foot in Africa.


Once again, Welcome.

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