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Vacancy for a new Bio Checker - CLOSED


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Description of the FL BC:


The Bio Checkers are people that have a good understanding of what a character biography should look like, they know the specific requirements for each Guild (7) as well as the overall rules and conditions that must be met to approve a biography of any FL character. They will work with the member to make sure their bio is ok before posting the approved bio on the biography board at the PSW.


FL BC job description:


I am looking for highly active and dedicated people for this position who have (or are willing to acquire) a thorough knowledge of the various requirements for each of the 7 Guilds. They must also be willing to do some record keeping and act as the FL’s welcome party.


The BC will have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the biography guidelines and cultural characteristics of each of the Guilds in order to be able to perform their duty to all FL members.

We follow the guidelines as posted on the FL Website. (check the Guilds for their specific bio guidelines)


The main tasks of a FL Bio Checker are:

- Check the FL’s biography account on google mail on an almost daily basis

- Read and assess all submitted biographies and discuss possible adjustments with the character’s owner

- Post the approved biographies on the bio board on DM and ask for the relevant Cross-Checking by other Group’s Bio Checkers.

- Read all submitted biographies from other Groups and Cross-Check them when needed or asked for.

- Keep an eye on any nobles mentioned in biographies and, were applicable, add new nobles to the nobles table googlesheet.

- Post a welcome thread on the FL public board for each new member and introduce them to the other members

- See that a record thread is created on the Training Grounds for each new character that joins the FL Group


Important note: applicants must have (or must be willing to create) a FL character to rp with.


FL BC priviledges:


The BC is a Group Staff member and gains access to the FL Staff boards. They gain the authority to guard the quality of submitted bios. Often they are the first FL member to come in contact with new members, and as such determine how the Group is perceived and experienced by them from the start. They also gain the priviledge of playing any of the NSW characters from the various Guilds (in so far they have not yet been assigned to someone else, of course)




Applications should be sent to FLDiv@dragonmount.com by 25 June 2011.


A first selection will be done on the written application followed by an interview with those applicants that made it through the first selection.

Interviews will be held in the week following the deadline on msn, skype or googlechat. Should neither of these be possible, another alternative will be looked for.


Application form:


DM Handle:


How much time can you dedicate weekly to this job?

RP experience on DM: (how long? Any rp staff experience? Etc)

Staff experience that might be relevant to this position: (in general, not necessarily within an RP setting)

Why do you want to be the FL BC?

What would you bring to the Group as a whole and to this position specifically?

Any particular skills or talents:

Comments: (anything else you want to add to your application that could be important for the position)

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