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We have a new IC Ajah Head!


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The New Black Ajah Head is Alia Mariadoon, originally of the Blue.


She is the NSW Head, who will be played by who ever the OOC Head of this Ajah is. That way the character stays the same and it doesn't mess with time line stuff as the OOC people change.


Lets all give a big round of applause to Eqwina who wrote up this bio. It went through a few (too many) re writes, but its up and approved now, and its really really good!


Eqwina and I have plans to play out the removal of her character as Head and the rising of Alia to the Head position. If you have any RPs that you need Eqwina as Head for you can retro them, otherwise you should check out the bio for Alia and get familiar with the new, and everlasting NSW Head!

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