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[SG Faire: The black Tower] - One Power Fights


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In the Black Tower we have a One Power Fight called Dore Saidin. This involves using levels in elements of the One Power and some rollers to fight against an opponent.


I thought it would be great to introduce those that have never seen the game and allow them to play after a little tutorial.


All those interested, please sign in here and I will get the tutorial started really soon.

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Welcome Blackhoof and Ahmoon!


I will set out some details of the game and then I'll run through a match or two.


Here are the basics...


At the Black Tower we use One power levels in promotion and also when fighting with the One Power. There are 5 elements in the One Power. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Spirit. When we will play here everyone will start at Level 5 on all their One power Elements. When you win a match your levels will go up one and you can play someone else. Hopefully a few more will join soon. If not I will twist some BTers to join in.


When we fight each other we all start each match with 100 points for Health. We chose the weave we wish to use against the other person and use our rollers to find out if our attack caused any damage. Some things to note. There is a log where the results from the rollers go, so there is no cheating. Once entered then the first result back will be taken, unless anything was entered incorrectly. Below is a picture of the Rollers. As you see you enter your name, then rank. All People playing today will be the rank of Asha'man. So when filling in you opponents and your rank, you don't have to think to hard.


First fill in your name and your rank and your opponents name and rank. DO NOT do as below and fill out all the one power levels you have. First you need to find the weave you wish to use against the other person. Next to each weave there are the elements that are used F=fire, E=earth, W=Water, A=Air and S=Spirit. Only fill in the Elements above the weaves with the Elements that is needed for that weave. Then fill in your opponents elements. (which to start will be 5). Once everything is filled in: NAME, RANK, WEAVE, ELEMENTS RQ'D...of yourself and your opponent - Then click ATTACK


The fifth picture shows how the results will look. You go only to the rows of the elements you have used, and down the column of the number of elements used.


So if you just use FIRE, the look at the Fire row and as it is only one Element then look in the first column of that row.


Now to work out the damage...look at the correct number column of all the elements you have used. If any of them have a zero or minus number then you have failed in your attack, no matter what the others may say. If they are all positive number, take the highest one and take it off your opponents health. It is now their turn to attack!


For example: If you look at Al Jenn's below you will see he used a Fireball which uses Fire and Air. Look at those rows and as two elements were used look at the second column. In this case -10 and -8 were the two scores, obviously he failed in his attack.


Usually there are three rounds each (three goes each taking it in turns). Whoever has the least amount of HP (Health Points) left loses.


When in a match each person posts the following:


Name: Talya

Stats: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 (these will all be the same number to make it easy)


Opponents name: Fred Bloggs

Opponents Stats 5, 5, 5, 5, 5


Attack with: Put in Weave here...


Result: What the score was...put down all the weaves you used and the score (please don't forget that this can be checked so no cheating ;) )


Your HP: Your score from last round (each match starts at 100)

Opponents HP: (their score from the last round if not first minus anything you have in you attack this round)






Dore Saidin Rollers




Insert your name, your opponents name and their rank. Which you can get from the site above.








Then choose which attack you are going to use. Pick an attack which uses an element (Or elements) which is higher than that of your opponent if you can. I'll let you figure out which is the best attack to use for your stats.




Once you've filled in all the information click ATTACK! and a window will pop up.




Now here is the tricky part... If you use one element look at the First column of numbers. Two elements the second, three the third, etc.


So since I used Fireball which uses Air and Fire I look at the second column. I rolled a -10 with Air and a -8 with Fire. Pick the lowest number and that is how much damage you do. If it is negative or 0 your attack fails and you do no damage. So I did no damage to TheMasterDude. Here is another example...



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So if you have any questions then just say.


If you want to have a practice here in the thread...go ahead and post it here using a made up opponent.


A little advice, the more weaves you use, the chance of getting a higher score, however the more chances of also failing, especially when the OP levels are so close. Sometimes less is morebiggrin.gif

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