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Social Group Faire!


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Hello everyone :3 The Admins wanted me to share this with you! Dragonmount's Inaugural Social Group Faire is starting June 1at the General Discussions Forum! The Faire will run from June 1st until June 30th. Each Social Group will be running two threads at General (see below for the list), at least one one WoT related, to help introduce themselves to new members and to get some good cross-Group interaction going. We highly encourage all members of Drangonmount to attend this event and above all else, to have loads of fun! Once the Faire is under way, links will be provided in this post so you can find each thread quickly.



The Following activities available will be:


Artists, Crafters & Writers Social Group


1. Emoticon Story competition - Using the WoT emoticons, competitors will write a story. Best story wins the competition.


2. ACW War - The Artists, Crafters and Writers are at war and it's a free for all. Post attacks and defences using writing, or crafts or works of art to battle it out. Points are given for all works posted and the poster with the most points at the end of the event wins the war! You can post a mix of all mediums in your replies, you don't have to pick one side to fight for, it's about getting the most points over all.



Aiel Social Group


1. Spear Toss Competition - Players compete in "throwing their spears" - i.e. answering trivia questions about the Aiel. Players will play in teams, but people can continue to be added to a team as the game goes on.


2. Oosquai Drinking game - Wetlanders compete with Aiel by guessing at a culture/country from several pictures supplied as hints. Every time they guess wrong, they drink oosquai. If they get 3 wrong, they're out.



Band of the Red Hand Social Group


*~* Coming Soon *~*



Black Tower Social Group


1. One Power Tournament - there will be a brief tutorial on how to play then there will be small tournament for all those that wish to have a bit of fun.


2. Randland Sports & Games Discussions - discussion on Sports and Games in Randland and what games etc, do we think they would enjoy.



Kin Social Group


1. Hobbies in Randland Discussion - discuss what did people do when they weren't learning to swing swords, herd sheep or wielding the other-worldly forces?


2. Hobbies in Jordanland Discussion - discuss two activities/hobbies that people have today: making bookmarks and friendship bracelets.



Ogier Social Group


1. Architecture Comparison Discussion - taking excerpts from the series and try to compare cities in Randland to real locations in the world we know.


2. Literature Discussion - a discussion that will compare & contrast modern novels and novels of the last century.



Shayol Ghul Social Group


1. Cookpot Game - Cookpot is a 20 questions type game that will be WoT themed, players will ask the game runner 20 questions to determine who is "in the Cookpot"; once the character is guessed the game will start over with a new character in the Cookpot and a new set of questions.


2. "Ask Narg" - Key members of Shayol Ghul will be given access to a special account set up for Narg and he will answer the random questions thrown at him however the person behind at the time deems fit.



White Tower & Warders Social Group


1. Warder Thread - each week will offer a new topic of discussion in this thread. These topics include: observations on the Warder, Warder/Aes Sedai dynamics on a personal level & on a structural level.


2. Aes Sedai Thread - each week will offer a new topic of discussion in this thread. These topics include: Humorous Ajah Quiz game, Ter'Angreal uses for the every day life, favorite Aes Sedai Quotes, and a game of Daes Dae'mar (learn "Aes Sedai speak").



Wolfkin Social Group


1. WoT Masquerade Ball - attendees of the ball will be assigned a WoT character and will role play as that character, while the other party goers will attempt to guess who is who.


2. Nature themed Chili Dunk - players will get three questions to ask each turn, the Dunkee must answer these questions correctly or they will be dunked into chili and licked clean. (use of Google is prohibited)

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