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Question About Wilders...

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It's explained numerous times in the books that wilders can/do touch the True Source instinctively, and don't even know when they're doing it. But how is it possible to do this without knowing it if it's shown many times (especially in the early part of the series) that it can be extremely challenging to touch the True Source? Basically, if it's so hard to do intentionally, why can someone do it unintentionally? Also, how could a channeler (unintentional or not) not feel the effects of channeling as every other willing channeler does?

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It is dangerous touching the source like this - hence they they try so hard to track wilders down. It's an unconscious thing which is why they can do it despite the difficulty - it's not active weaving etc, but more a manifestation of emotions etc.

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Hard to reach OP when you want it at command. Not impossible if it just happens. Need is the key. Rand reached out to OP in great need but he was unable to repeat the process when he consciously did it.


They might feel the sapping of strength but who is going to tell them why this is happening. Also, wilders probably will channel for 10 second to a minute, no more. Willing channeler is probably channeling lot more than that on daily basis. Wilders might do it twice a year.

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No, really.


Okay, you want a better answer?


Channeling as a wilder is not the same as regularly channeling. Quite frankly, the reason it's so challenging to touch the True Source is because the channelers are trying to do so consciously. Rather, as a wilder, the effect is unconscious. There is no understanding of order, so the Power is just available to them, and they just work with it. Also, considering the circumstances a wilder must be in oftentimes to use the Source, it's possible that their brief interaction with it keeps them distracted so they don't really fully process the feeling the Power grants them.


Moreover, there's a difference between using the Power and holding the Power.


Remember, this is a world in which ancient blood can rise up and grant people knowledge they wouldn't have (Two Rivers people shouting in the Old Tongue).


Of course, all of that is supposition as we've only ever seen one wilder channel unconsciously on-screen (that I recall). That's Rand in the first and second books.

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