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Dragon One with the Land and the Bore


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Just some idle speculation.


The dragon is One with the Land. The land has a bore that can be seen as Shayol Ghul. A parallel that is too coincidental to overlook.


Since Rand was stabbed in the End of TGH, and then later Fain passed his dagger over that same wound, the wound remained but has changed with the new corruption, not consuming each other but combining somehow.


So my odd idle speculation theory is that at some point during the last battle, the Dark One or his essence will somehow be combined with Fain or his essence, creating a 'new' amalgamated evil. Secondly, before Rand can seal the Dark One away (in whatever from that is), the wound in Rand's side will have to be ripped out from him, which may or may not result in his death.


In other words the wound in Rand's side is a foreshadowing or a parallel of what the battle against the Dark One is.


Your thoughts?

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I think it means that Rand is one with the land, and he has his sort of own private bore, his wound in his side. That means, if he seals the bore, he gets rid of his wound, but it might also be that that no longer applies after he's sealed the bore, and he has to live with his wound forever.

Imo, Fain and the DO will not combine, they will rather try to eliminate each other, so weakening themselves so Rand can kill/seal them away.

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