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WOT fan abroad, Hey folks


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Hey WOT community,


I'm from West Virginia, though I've been living in China and Costa Rica on and off. I read through book 6 when I was in high-school, but now that I'm a little older (24) I have a renewed desire to reread and continue the rest of the series. Like all of you, I'm slowly becoming an addict. Who knew lounging around and reading all day could be so enjoyable! Ha! Anyway, pleasure to introduce myself to you. Have a good one.






b.t.w. In book two when Rand and Co. find themselves in the mirror world, he describes seeing lines moving across the sky. All I can figure out is that these are contrails. Any ideas? If it's a big spoiler just tell me to shut up and read.

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Welcome to the Mount!


Yeah, I think that is a RAFO, but its something you will likely enjoy when you do come to it :3! Its nice to see someone around my age (20), I started I think a little earlier then you when I found and became addicted to the books, (Middleschool) but this thread is not about me, its about you!


Do you have any questions or concerns I can answer or adress? If so please post them here or PM me :D As it is my job to answer them or inform the right person of your questions :3! I am always happy to answer them too :3 I dont bite! Hard...really! Just as the other Wolfkin down in the RP section..!


Anyway, until we speak again. Have fun Storming the Mount!

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