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Greetings from Southern California

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Hello, everyone.


I live in Southern California, in a city called Buena Park. I'm turning 24 soon, and right now I'm writing at least two novels (I hope I can publish one by the end of this year). I used to be a huge fan of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time (and fantasy in general). But now I'm more engrossed in contemporary political thrillers and crime dramas. I still admire The Wheel of Time for its characters (especially Mat, Moiraine, Lan, and Logain) and for Jordan's riveting writing style. I'm annoyed, however, by the useless (and illogical) romantic subplots.


Anyway, I hope I'll have fun on this forum!

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First off.. what a name! :tongue


Welcome to Dragonmount - it's pretty awesome here, as I'm sure you'll soon find out. No one will mind you poking your nose in and saying hi, so don't hesitate to go around and post in the different places. If you enjoy writing, maybe you'd enjoy the Writers Guild?


Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :D

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