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Hi everyone!


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Greetings, all :) I'm Himiko, I started reading the Wheel of Time books about 5/6 years ago now (damn long waits for books 12 and 13!) and thought it was about time I joined the forum.


I'm a final year Maths student from the North West of the UK. I like metal, folk, and anime soundtracks, books and films relating to the Arthurian legends, and terrible B-movie horror. I also like bunnies. They are my greatest weakness...


Wheel of Time is probably my favourite series, I'm planning on doing a reread soon, so my opinions on characters may change, but currently, some of my favourite major characters are Nynaeve, Mat, Perrin and Faile (who seems to be disliked a lot... ah, well...). There aren't a lot of characters I really dislike most of the time, apart from Egwene, who sets my teeth on edge with just about every word. Rand has had his annoying moments as well XD Overall, though, have to love the books, they are some of my favourites


Its great to be on a forum where I can chat about WoT with people, I look forward to many discussions ^^

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Welcome to the Mount!


Yeah, gotta watch out for those UK bunnies! They'll bite your head off they will! Hehe...anyway its good to see a new face around here :3! More so someone who is going through a re-read, those are always fun and I should do one myself! And dont worry, I dont think anyone really likes Egwene...cept me, I dont know why but I kinda like her! Which is odd since I am a Wolfkin to the core! We shouldnt like Aes Sedia! They poke us ._.! Cept the browns...I like browns, they are so absent minded and fun to talk to!


Wait...I am rambeling again...<Cough> So, any questions about the forums? I am the guy to ask about them being one of the newbie board mods :3! I can point you in the right direction towards something or the right person here on the forums if I cannot answer the questions outright!


Though, before give you your thread back I think you might enjoy the Orgier Social Group :3 They are all about books (Well, and history and all that good stuff, but there are books too :3) and are planning a re-read of the books! Dont have to check them out, but its a fun suggestion :3! And if you do join them dont feel bad, you can be in any and all social groups that strike your fancy!


Anyway, was nice to meet you :3


Until next we speak, have fun Storming the Mount!

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