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Good day to you.

At first, my forum name is HeadAche01, my real name is Alex.

When I believe I was 13 I started reading the wheel of time, and everything changed, my life befor WoT seems empty now.

Ever since that experience I longed for the next book to be published, and I re-read most of the series a lot.

Now, I was just a lurker on these forums, reading posts, but never with the intention of replying, but that has changed now! (I dunno why :D )


WoT is imo one of the best fantasy series ever written, and I think it exceeds ASOIAF, therefore I was delighted when some time ago I read the news that these series would be turned into a movie! It was one of the best days of my life, perhaps except reading the last book of the series, and some private things :P

Now I also think WoT has some bad things, like spending to few attention to Mat/Rand and too much attention to Egewene and Avi, but that seems to be the general consensus here. But still I enjoyed every word of the series, from the first prologue to the last epilogue, and now I'm just longing for AMOL to be released.


Every time I read the series, I try looking every happening up in the map, which I printed from the internet :) and see what is happening. I have, as accurate as I could made many markers, where Graendals castle is, where the Tower of Ghenjey (or something like it) is, where some battles happen etc... This kinda makes me an addict I think.


I also read there would be a WoT game, but I think this game would be so addicting I won't go to school anymore, at least if it becomes what I hope it will. A role playing game, in which you can be a character, Mat, Perrin or Rand, and there is a complete open world. In that game, TEotW will be the intro, and after that, you can just think what you want to do. Every action you take will make the AI respond, and can change the end of the game, and if you play Rand, there is a complex but good thought of way of channeling... Well I could go on like hours of what I thought of this game :D

Also I thought of a RTS game of WoT world, which could be done quite well, only channeling will be some trick, but that can be managed.


Thank you for reading, feel free to respond (or not)


Greetings Alex.

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Welcome to the Mount!


I can relate, once I read TEotW I was hooked and absolutly devoured all the other books! Series changed my life as it has many, for me though it sparked a love for writing, a passion that I try to fulfill as often as I can :3 and I was a lurker once before myself! Though, my reason for joining up was a little more sober and obvious, if you look at the "Joined on" beneath my Avatar it says September-18th, 7 days after RJ passed from the world. I can hardly believe sometimes he has been gone for 3 years now.


But this thread isnt about me! Its about you! So, do you have any questions now that your out in the open and no longer a lurker? If so I am the one to ask since its my job to point you in the right direction :D!


If you have questions, please post them here or ask me in a PM, I will respond to them asap!


Until next we speak, have fun Stomring the Mount!

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At first, thanks for the welcome :biggrin:


Then, I believe, now that I joined, I can reply to every thread, if I don't flame, troll etc, so I can give my opinion about the end of the series etc, are there any unspoken rules?



I believe I dont have many questions now, but as soon as I have some, I will certainly ask them.

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Welcome welcome!


The major rules for posting are to keep it PG-13 and do NOT, under any circumstance give away spoilers unless you give fair warning to people such as myself who have not been able to get their hands on to the latest books yet (as in anything past Knife of Dreams) for various reasons (college started and then i went to Spain...).


Anyways, welcome once again to the Band! There are board discussion threads, social groups and even roleplaying groups for you to fit into as you well please! I personally love hanging out over at the Band of the Red Hand, but I am kinda second in command so I guess I'm a bit biased. The Band has a great music theme with lots of brawls and drinking involved, so feel free to stop on by!


The White Tower social org (where I'm a Brown sitter) isn't so bad either if you want to head on over that way as well :wink:


Hope to see you around! *hands the newbie a plate of extra special chocolate fudge brownies and a giant flask of Brew tea*

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