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Approved WT Bio for Seraph Byar---CCed by the mighty CotL


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Basic Information

Handle : Leala Gymorraine

WT Character already approved: Leala Gymorraine/Active

Contact email: redsong4 at gmail.com


Character Information

Name (first and last): Seraph Byar

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

* Age: 47 (Full AS, Second Aes Sedai)

Nationality: Amadician



Hair: Seraph has long, dark chesnut hair in waves that flows to her waist. In the right light, it shines red. In other angles, it shines golden.

Eyes: The color of clear ocean water on white sands, Seraph's eyes are a bright blue with a touch of green.

Skin: Seraph's skin is a light color, but she also spent a lot of time on the way to Tar Valon, giving it a touch of color

Height: 5’6”

Voice: In normal situations, Seraph’s voice is sweet and high, but when she needs to take charge, her voice is low and commanding, giving no leeway.

Other: Seraph wears a chain of dark red glass beads. She keeps them polished and always looking their best.



Special Skills: Creativity. Seraph may seem an inverted observer to most, but more intelligent people will notice creative problem-solving skills flicking through her mind as she watches a given situation.

Knowledge Weakness: Even though she consciously knows that some Children of the Light are genuine in their “mission”, she still sees every one of them as a Darkfriend, completing full circle her hatred for prejudice, making herself something like a hypocrite.

Physical Weakness: Where most people have arches in their feet, Seraph’s are completely flat, causing pain in her feet if she stays on them for too long.

Personality weakness: Seraph, despite being an Aes Sedai likes to find ways to insert cynicism or sarcasm into a conversation.




Seraph is basically a good person. She tries to see the good in everyone. She also tries not to prejudge strangers buy their appearance or ethnicity. The only exception to this is the Children of the Light. The ruling faction of her home nation did her a personal wrong, though, by killing her best friend unjustly. Now, the mere sight of them makes her angry. She doesn't let them see her anger, though. She is Aes Sedai, after all. She knows that not all Children of the Light are Darkfriends as she'd like to believe to justify her anger, but she does know that they prejudge people who channel the One Power and will do anything within their power to have rid of them.


Also being a shy person, Seraph is willing to make friends, but is unlikely to approach them. She usually sits in the background and observes a scene, usually only speaking when spoken to which has impeded her want to bond despite her choice in Ajah. Seraph does occasionally speak to make a cynical or sarcastic comment, though, adding her thoughts into the matter. She sees each Aes Sedai as her allies in the Light, determined to show the Whitecloaks that one can walk in the Light while channeling the One Power. She understands that authority figures are there to help keep things in line and every rule has a purpose. Even the ludicrous rules of the Children had a purpose, no matter how flawed their reasoning was.




Seraph never knew her parents. Her earliest childhood memories were all set in an orphanage in the center of Amadicia. The orphanage was called Byar Orphanage of the Light. Seraph was left at the doorstep of this place and was not dropped off my an exasperated mother or a scared father. She has no genetic history to her knowledge. She survived in the orphanage, just existing for a few years until a spunky little girl was left at the orphanage, too. The caretakers called her Samya. The two became fast friends, and rather inseparable after a while. After a few years, the girls were so bonded that they began calling each other "sister" even though they both knew that they were not related. There were a few attempts to take one into a new family, but they never lasted long in their new homes without the other there. When the girls turned sixteen, they were given the last name of Byar, the name orphanage to start their own lives when they left.


Before they left the orphanage, the two were trained to make glass beads by a caretaker of the place that wanted them to live happily in their new life. Together, the two started a small business in this, selling hand-made glass bead jewelry. The women of the town loved them, and the men of the town would buy them for their wives and intended lovers. The two were nearly destitute from the small amount of money, but this was their only skill. And they were happy to live together



Things began to take on a strange turn when Samya began to tell Seraph about what seemed to be heightened perceptions of the world. She told her that the world seemed bright and everything seemed keener to her senses, a strange feeling, but not one to be feared. This feeling persisted on and off for a while until things started happening. At first, it seemed that supplies would jump into her grasp, but it was at such a short distance that both of them thought nothing of it. One day, however, something happened to make her think. The winter had made the day shorter than either of them had expected and when Samya went to light a lantern, she found she was out of oil. She fumbled around and still found no oil. Frustrated, she crossed her arms and thought of what to do. As she did this, a light slowly grew in the lantern bigger, and bigger, making a sphere. It was not fire, but a ball of light. This scared her and when she jumped back, the light winked out. Before the pair could find an explanation for this, Samya became sick and was bedridden for at least two days. After those two days, two Children of the Light paid a visit.


It seemed a neighbor had been passing by that night that a sphere of light appeared in the lantern and witnessed the strange event. The Children were convinced that at least one of them was a witch. Sera tried to explain what had happened, not wanting Samya to fall victim to what had happened alone, but her friend spoke up and took the blame. She said that it was her who had channeled and that Sera had nothing to do with it. Before Seraph could butt in and defend her friend, the Children whisked her away. And she never saw her sister again.


Seraph spent a while mourning the loss of her friend, knowing that she was gone forever. At the very end of her mourning period, she came to the conclusion that the Children of the Light did not walk in the Light as they claimed. They were out for their own purposes, looking for someone to blame for the problems that they created. She knew that to fight them and the ignorance they stood for, she would need to go to Tar Valon. Packing a few things, she took whatever spare income they had and spare jewelry they had left, and bought a horse. With her pack on her back, and not even enough money to buy a saddle, she rode to Tar Valon bareback. Seraph feels she has lost a good amount of the innocence she once had, but she is willing to face what she is and become an Aes Sedai just to spite the people who ripped her sister from her.


To say that it was unusual for a channeler to come to Tar Valon from the heart of Amadicia was strange would have been an understatement. Seraph had a thick Amadician accent and still had reservations about going into the city that she had been told was full of witches. But once she had arrived within the Shining Walls, she was proud to count herself among these ‘witches’. To strip away her life before, she sold her horse, her maps, and any extra clothes before entering the White Tower. The only thing besides the clothes on her back that she did not sell was her necklace given to her by Samya. It was her only connection to her past, but it also reminded her that the past would always be the past…that she would forge her own future. It would remind her of her mission if her training became too difficult or if she began to doubt herself. Rather than holding her back, it would propel her forward.


During her training as a Novice, she came to know that the Tower was not out to defeat the Children. They had their own agenda in mind. That was fine by her. But this was the only place she had to go. She studied as hard as she could and gained more knowledge than she ever would have if she had stayed in Amadicia under her old circumstances. She came to see these Aes Sedai and channeling women blessed by the Light rather than blasphemers. She studied and trained side-by-side with them for a whole decade, catching up on what she had missed during her time away as she liked to consider her previous life. She was called to be tested for the rank of Accepted and knew that she had already faced her worst possible fear: the loss of Samya, and had survived. She would again. And she did, three times more in different turns in the Arches. All in different situations and times, but she lost Samya again and again in the Arches. And she came out stronger for it.


She studied and trained even harder as an Accepted. She even taught girls in the ways of Saidar, instilling fear of the Tower and the Children in them. They had to know just what it would be like to be hunted. She did not hesitate to share her story to those who she thought needed it during her time as an Accepted. The plight of channeling women in her home country was a near impossible one. But she had escaped and was succeeding. Some Aes Sedai doubted her dedication to the Tower in these stories. They thought that perhaps she was there more out of anger and hate to the Whitecloaks than to loyalty of the Tower. In truth, she had grown since coming there and truly believed in the plight of the Tower and would walk in the Light with these women. After nearly another decade, she was tested for the shawl. The tests in which there were Whitecloaks were many. She knew that she was being tested in a situation where she might lose her serenity. But she kept her anger inside and passed the test with a placid look on her face, even with fatigue plaguing her body and wounds covering her flesh. When the time came to take the shawl, she chose the Green.


Seraph has been a Green for a few good years now. However, she is somewhat of a loner, not willing to approach someone for friendship or bonding freely. It may take a while to build acceptance and trust, she knows. However, she still knows that trust can easily be lost and is more unwilling than most Greens to find Warders.

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