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Welcome to the Mount!


The series does spawn a good amount of question! But this is the right place to get them answered! As well as perhaps raise more questions with the crazy theories that float around the boards. Though if you have any questions about the forums themselves I am the person to ask being a mod for this board its my job to point you in the right direction, then again even if I wasnt I would still do it :3 So if you have any questions please post them here or ask me in a private conversation and I will answer them ASAP!


Also, check out the RP part of the forums. Dont have to join but they are always fun to read! The RPs down there are often as entertaning as the books themselves!


Until next we speak, have fun Storming the Mount!

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Questions, head over to the book discussion boards!


Looking for fun, join us in the Band of the Red Hand! There's always a brawl and some drinking going on around those parts, along with plenty of music :wink:


*hands the newbie a plate of extra special chocolate fudge brownies and a flask of Brew tea*


Do enjoy and I hope to see you around!

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Speaking of fun, the Black Tower (Social Group) is a pretty fun place to hang out. ;)


What questions do you have? If they're about the books themselves, then yeah, head over to the discussion boards and be swarmed with Wheel of Time talk. =D


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