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Aproved CotS bio CC'd by WT


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Character name - Alistair Detheroc

Age - 28

Gender - Male

Place of birth/raising - Cairhien



Physical description : Alistair at first glances, portrays the outward expression of the archetypal Cairhenian young male; he stands at a relatively tall height for a Cairhien male of 5,8 and possess dark hair worn middle length. His eyes are dark blue with the subtle darker tones of the eye sockets, giving the complexion of a shadowed face. His usual attire is of the typical Cairhien dull colors; Black, and

Deep green. His frills posses a small band of stripes representing his family's status.



Back-story : Alistair was born unto a pauper's family and was often hearing news, or complaints due to the growing stress of city life, and the eccentric acts of both lords and in cases, peasants.


Daes Dae'mar; the infamous game of houses, shaped the life of the country and city itself, often setting boundaries for both its people and its look in the world, this would be a catalyst for Alistairs Growing feud with his family and shape his outlook on his life within the cities boundaries.



By the age of 18 Alistair was indifferent to his immediate relatives, his grim sense of reality often putting him at odds with the subtle nature of misanthropy of the cities residents. It was during this time that his career as it can be called, offered a pathway for greater accolades. His short book of philosophy/poetic prose entitled; "The fraught nihilist", gained audience with certain classes

And reputably a certain lord in the city.Although his work was lauded as a witty book of parody, unwittingly it gave Alistair leverage into the manors of nobles and houses alike. By the time he had turn't 25 he had released several, yet again unwittingly humorous works of literature, but by fate his work was influenced by an entirely new regime of darker ethics and motifs.



He had gained the aspiration of a certain high lord, and with it came funds and the resources to further his growing ambition with alchemy. By the age of 27 he had been ordained to follow a group of mutual colleagues on an "ambiguous" venture into the northern borderlands; it was here the true reasoning of his benefactors was made clear.



Let into the fold of darkfriends was stimulating but dangerous at the same time. But the entice of intellectual counterparts that also believed in his sense of nihilism and macabre desires, was too much to reject and he accepted the offer of being let into the fold.


This year was only about to get more adventurous, upon Alistairs return, the city seemed to take on new life, and even the most subtle shadowed corners offered sanctuary for a servant bearing new orders.


During the countless missions and tasks, given to Alistair during those tumultuous times, he began noticing things turning to his favor in desperate situations. One occasion came to mind more abruptly than any other; In front of his keepsake a large man clad in dark leather and rinsed with underlays of mail blocked his path. It was clear from his ventures to the estates of the wealthy this was a trained soldier.



Alistair, was no fighter never had been and never will be. He relied on his wit, cunning and ploys upon ploys of preparation to take people out of the game before they even knew. He was a master of the game of houses some noted, whether he believed it or not.

When the man charged at him with the speed and ferocity of a a fairytale beast such as a Trolloc. the man slipped on his path and by the sheer amount of his weight fell flat on his back. Whatever happened, it appeared he was hit by a horse at full speed. Not being adventurous enough to note the specifics of the encounter, he gutted the man and finished what he came for.



Strange things became an occurrence to Alistair it seemed. The missions became more serious, and more often.



He completed the tasks assigned with meticulous planning and by sheer cunning but Cairhien had grown into a big pond with small fish, and his fate pushed him towards greater heights.



With a ambiguous message in mind, Alistair Detheroc set off towards his mission. What shall become of him?, only time will tell

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Another point Liitha, what does he mean by this?


With a ambiguous message in mind, Alistair Detheroc set off towards his missive.


A missive is an official, formal or long letter


Also, alchemy is defined as a type of chemistry, especially from about the years 1100 to 1500, which dealt with trying to find a way to change ordinary metals into gold and with trying to find a medicine which would cure any disease


Now i do not recall any mention of alchemy in the books so unless you can prove me wrong i think that needs removing.


I do not see how this bio can be cross checked until it is has been re written

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its a dreadlord too be, darkfriend of present as far as he know and discovery of channeling ability will happen in first rp


and the alchemy in mind is the type aginor dabled in, and yes he got a call to go somewhere that somewhere is where the rp start out, since our last rookie disapeared we are rekindling that pickup rp with a new rookie...everyone in the rp got a letter to meet at a location, he would been summoned as a darkfriend, everyone get the information on the hunt at the meetingplace, as well as geting too meet the travel mates, since there are several dreadlords in the small group they will discover his abilities


Definition of ALCHEMY



: a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life


: a power or process of transforming something common into something special


: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting


basic gist what the kin does, what the yellow does with herbs and so on and forth, medical science with herbs exsist in the books...and as a lord he would use scholar words, so the consept is there, just the likelyhood they would use that word or another in old books and such among those literate who read about the consept and experimented posible on animals or the like in a less messy way, as oposed to a village wisdom who got down and got their hands dirty

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It still does not make sense regarding the "Missive".


How does one set off towards a missive? He is walking towards a letter?


He needs to rewite the bio and change the references to "missive". It cannot be cross checked as it stands as it makes no sense.

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Hey. Sorry Ive been busy recently. I agree about the "missive" remark, just a brain flop in honesty, can easily be changed to mission or something of the sort and about the alchemy reference I explained to Liith and seem's she has cleared it up.

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