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Howdy Folks!!


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Just a quick "hey" from Canada. I have checked out DM off and on over the years, and I have to say its looking the best it ever has. making my third trip through the books right now, since i have tons of time to read on my 1.5hr commute. Pretty stoked about A Memory of Light, cant wait.


Well hope to be talking to you all in the future, its nice to discuss lore with people who know it.


Later Eh!

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So that's how you spell Eh! Always wondered.


1.5hour commute? Ouch. On the plus side, you can get on here from your cell phone, so that's another thing that could keep you occupied :biggrin:


Welcome to DM, starvinator - hope we'll also get to see you around the Social or the RP side! Got any questions, just fire away :happy:

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