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Alternate History

Basel Gill

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I know it's outside the fantasy realm, but this has been one of my favorite genres (unless you count it as a subgenre) for a very long time. I was loaned Harry Turtledove's Agent of Byzantium when I was in high school and devoured it over the course of one weekend. As I grew older, I found other works, some of which I really enjoyed and others which I found to be garbage. William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's The Difference Engine blew my mind, and if they should ever return to that world I would snap up a sequel as soon as it came out. On the other hand, I'd recommend to anyone to stay away from Harry Harrison's Stars and Stripes trilogy, unless you want something unintentionally hilarious ala an Ed Wood movie. So do we have anyone else that enjoys another timeline every now and then?

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I'm a huge fan of both WOT and Stargate. So I had this looney idea whatif. Thousands of years ago in our galaxy when the Ancients were spreading out from Earth, they came across the WOT world. It was just after Tarmon Gai'don and the planet and it's people were almost at a point of total destruction. There were survivors of each of the different cultures and city states and so the Ancients offered a few from each a chance of making a new life on a another world in the Pegasus Galaxy. They took with them originally a few hundred from each society and the remiander they gave some assistance in recovery. Fast forward to today, the survivors of the old world still exist, but are under the domain of the Lucian Alliance. Those on the New World, have thrived and made a world almost as if nothing had changed, but now instead of the Dark Lord at their door, they have the Wraith. They belive the One Power is lost to them, but they carry on as if it were still there. But one Wise woman, Amys, has found it again.


so crazy or what???



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