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Approved Aiel NSW Warrior - Jarinn Muraerim - No CC required (I think)


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Character Info


Full name: Jarinn Muraerim

Age: 38

Clan: Dragonmount

Role: Warrior - Trainer


WS (as assigned by FL Staff): 12


Physical appearance: Stands at 6'2 feet, 160 lbs, green eyes, short light red hair.

Physical weakness: Is shorter and more slender than most Aiel men.

Physical strength: His small shape allows him to evade attacks easier than most.


Personality: Is intelligent, but needs to think before speaking. Hard-working, placing duty first, and doesn't go out of his way to speak to people that he doesn't need to converse with.

Personality weakness: His anti-social behaviour has marked him as different in the eyes of his brothers and sisters.

Personality strength: Doesn't care what others think of him.






Jarinn grew up as a quiet boy around his two older brothers, who would laugh at him whenever he spoke without thinking, and an older sister who encouraged him to speak his mind. The eldest brother ended up going north with the other young men to dance with Trollocs, and fell there. His sister became a Maiden of the Spear, and his second brother was a goldsmith. When his sister left the hold to join the Maidens, Jarinn's parents became withdrawn, having only one son left under their roof, and that one not being very talkative.



Jarinn learned that being small (by Aiel standards) was an advantage, when his anti-social behaviour attracted attention from the boys that liked to test the others for strength and endurance, believing Jarinn to be an easy target. He wriggled out of the fights as best he could, his smaller size lending him agility over the larger boys. It was these fights that made him interested in a few select societies. The Rahien Sorei, Dawn Runners, were a preference because they had the job of keeping communication open in battles, and incorporated stealth into their role. Jarinn considered the Tain Shari, True Bloods, as they were tacticians, crucial to a battle, amd the Black Eyes, the Seia Doon society, because they heavily relied upon stealth as they went about their duties.



As he grew older, and closer to choosing a society, his father took more interest in Jarinn's life. Even though Jarinn was quiet, the things they did together formed a bond between them, and Jarinn was able to speak easily with his father. His father took him out on an expedition, away from the hold, and into the Waste, to teach him how to survive. Jarinn followed everything his father said, and was able to repeat it back almost flawlessly. He was taught which plants indicated water nearby, and which he could eat the roots of to provide sustenance. After that first trip, Jarinn and his father started going out on these trips more often, and not soon after, his father brought an extra spear and buckler, to train his son in how to fight. Again, his build lent him advantages, but also gave him a disadvantage, in his reach, which meant Jarinn would have to get in closer to the enemy to make the spear connect. After a few lessons, his father showed him how to use his height to get closer, by keeping low to the ground. Jarinn became a competent fighter quickly, and surprised his father with his ability to learn and hold onto the information given.



Jarinn and his father had become very close over the past two years, and the last lesson his father had to teach was the meaning of ji'e'toh. Jarinn had grasped the basics of it as he grew, but this was the true meaning of honor and obligation. He understood it as soon as his father told him of it, but his father still made him repeat it word for word multiple times until he had it right. Jarinn's father was proud of him when he had learnt all he could from his father, and told him it was time to be thinking of which society to join. Jarinn had already thought about this, although his father didn't know of it, he planned to ask entry to the society of the Black Eyes, the Seia Doon.



He was accepted into the Seia Doon, and they trained him to be stealthy on and off of the battlefield over the course of three years. He participated in raids and defended against other attacks against his hold with his spear-brothers, and became a skilled fighter, even amongst the Aiel. Those that once blamed him for his brother's death now respected him, at a distance. Because of his father, Jarinn was more talkative, and his mouth got him into trouble more than once, but his opinions were asked for, because they were well thought. Jarinn trained as much as he could, sparring off against others of his society, and sometimes organizing raids against the smaller holds, where not as many spear-brothers were needed for the assault. Most of them were successful, the warriors seizing cattle and taking residents of the hold gai'shan, but a few were failures, resulting in losing warriors as dead or gai'shan. Jarinn took the losses personally, but coped with it by meditating on how they went wrong, and brainstormed with his brothers afterwards on how to prevent losses.



With their new ideas, Jarinn and his spear-brothers succeeded in their next planned raid, not losing anyone and claiming yet more livestock as theirs, bringing them back to the hold. With the success, Jarinn became more social, chatting more easily to his brothers than before, but still only talks to those he deems important.

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