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Weaving, shielding, tying off, healing, making knots?


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This is a question that I haven´t thought about consciously, I´ve just read about channeling and formed a picture in my mind. But now I´ve been thinking about how channeling would actually look like. I´m just gonna take two examples from FoH.


This is when Nyn is trying to heal Birgitte after she has been ripped out from T´a´R.(p 513)


"Strands of Spirit predominated, but Water and Air were in there, and even Earth and Fire. It looked as complicated as embroidering one dress with either hand, and two more with your feet. Blindfolded."


This is another quote when Moghedien has just been hurt with Birgitte´s arrow and Liandrin has tried to attack her. Moggy has shielded her and now she is tying off the shield. (p 507)


"Suddenly she was tying off the shield, the knot growing ever more intricate, until Liandrin lost the twists and turns completely. And still it went on."

Then Moggy leaves and Temaile is to soften Liandrin up for Evon.


"Her (Temailes) eyes narrowed as she studied the shield fastened to Liandrin"

Apparently everyone can see the shield... I imagine it as a intricate needlework shield with infinite threads all over Liandrin so to speak and then a place where there is a complicated knot.


How do you picture all this weaving of threads and intricate patterns? I know you can see a glow, like a halo around the person channeling, the stronger or more Power you are holding the brighter the glow. But say you want to channel Air to lift a fork. Where does the weaving begin? Does it emanate from the whole halo, or does it start from another place. Or is it a strand that starts from somewhere on the channeleres body and then it wires out into a pattern of weaving? (the strand is how I see it) Does all of the Powers emanate from the same place?


Does the other channelers see the connection to the Source that other channelers have and how does that manifest in your mind? When they say that they cut of a channeler from the Source, is the Source at the same place for every channeler? And when some weaves razorsharp threads to cut off another weave how do you see that? ( I don´t have a clear pic in my mind) What makes it even harder for me to visualise is that a sul´dam somewhere says that damane doesn´t even need hands or feet cause they could channel anyway?


What are your thoughts on this?

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I've always imagined that everything in the world is covered by invisible warp threads of a loom of every infinite size. When someone channels, threads appear in some arbitrary spot in front of the channeler and are woven into a pattern. The threads would be different colors red for fire, blue water, white air, yellow spirit, green earth. The threads would appear of different types of material depending on whats being woven. For instance if you wanted to cut something with air, the threads of air would be like wire, but if you wanted to gently brush someones cheek with air the thread would be soft yarn.


Once the weave is made in that arbitrary spot, the channeler moves it to wear it will take effect with their mind. However, when learning a weave if you add motions with your body or used an item for focus, you will need to use those motions or objects from then on. Someone should be able to weave a fireball and then launch it with just their mind, but when most learn the weave they are taught to throw with their hand.


I think that there is a well at the channelers forehead, something that resembles a third eye. I like to think of this as the power or health bar that appears in most video games. When channeling this eye glows for women and is just felt for men. The brighter it glows the more of the one power you are drawing in. Nothing changes in the appearance of threads when channeling with more power or less, the difference is the strength of the effect that happens from the weave.


Well thats all i have for now. i'll add later

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That´s very interesting. I´ve never imagined that everything around the channeler could be covered in invisible threads. I also do see the threads in different colors but I don´t know about the arbitrary spot. For some reason I always imagined that when you start a weave it´s somehow tied to you too until you finished the weave and then the channeler can cut it loose so to speak.

So I guess the actual viewing is a mental process as well as one of Power.


I dk about the eye being a well for the channelers. I remember several quoutes when someone is being shielded or something similar to that and then the AS say that they could turn and almost feel the source behind them, or to their left. Maybe that´s a just a mental image in their mind for maybe the Source is all around them.


Also when saying that they slam a wall infront of the source... I picture it more like a round pool of Power and when they slam a wall infront of it they make it a... circle lol.


I think I agree with the threads being strong in the Weave if you are a strong channelere but that can´t be all... I think also the actual pattern is important, if it´s crude or intricate and how many threads are vowen in.

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I've always picture it as fractal art, for instance this is what i've always imagined a shield to look like when places over a person.











(this one fits really well because i've always picture spirit threads as being purple) I can only imagine what nynaeve had to pick apart to undo graendal's compulsion on Kerb!



Here's a good one for Cuendellar


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Hmm picturing the weaves as fractals is pretty cool.

Although I think it is mentioned that Spirit is glowing yellow or gold inn the books?

The other Powers I don´t think are mentioned in that way.


If you see some of weaves in shapes of fractals then weaving them or unraveling them is something very difficult to learn.

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