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Approved TTPC - Jac Hargrave - No CC required


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TTPC Lord's Son


Handle: Sieve


Character’s name: Jac Hargrave

Age: 20

Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland): Murandy

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 200 lbs


Personality Traits: Intelligent, honest, humble, practical, kind


Role: Jac is the heir to his father’s lands. He is interested in unifying his grandfather’s former estates through a mutual agreement instead of by force.


Brief History: Jac’s Great-Grandfather and his first wife divorced after she was caught being unfaithful despite him doing the same. At the time the lands were split. Jac’s Great-Grandfather then remarried. Jac’s Grandfather was the eldest son of their line at the time followed by Jac’s father therefore he inherited the lands of his grandfather after the split. Jac is now in line to inherit the lands of his father though his father's greed threatens to lose what he now has.


In his early teenage years Jac was sent Lugard to learn the ways of the court. Away from his father he learned much in the ways of lords, ladies, lands, and politics. Jac occasionally visited his home each time finding that he and his father differed more and more in their opinions about how to regain the lost family lands. His father was blinded by his greed and desire. Jac did not have hope for their families future if his father continued on this path.


When Jac turned 18 his father could no longer stand the righteous behavior of his son and ordered him back home to receive proper tutoring. When Jac returns to his father he clearly sees the error in his father’s ways. The quest to acquire the remainder of the divided lands turned his father into a lord that Jac no longer respected. Their people were miserable at the hands of his father.


Tension grew between Jac and his father to the point where Jac avoided his father except when formally summoned. Even then he attempted to find excuses not to join his father. Eventually those summonses ceased as his father was tired of Jac’s attempts to make him relent his warring ways. His father came very close to naming Jac a coward.


Mediators from the King tried in vain to find a resolution to the animosity between his father and Lady Arman. A proposal of a marriage was put forth to end the hatred and constant raids. Jac supported the proposal of a union between the two families though his father would not even consider it.


Jac felt there was no other way therefore he began working behind his father’s back trying to salvage what his father was intent on destroying. Despite his best efforts he made little headway. The Lady Arman seemed just as stubborn as his father. Had his father been single, he would have proposed a marriage between his father and Lady Arman as they seemed to have been made from the same mold with the exception of gender. In lieu of his failures, Jac continues to do all he can to keep his father from destroying his inheritance.

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