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Hello, all.


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Hullo! I've been reading the forums on and off for some time, and thought that it was about time to introduce myself.


So, I'm from Fin(n)land, an english student, and at present doing my pro seminar (or BA essy for those not intimately familiar with the Finnish University terminology) on Watership Down. I've only read WoT through (well, through to book 10 or so) for 2 or 3 times now, witch seems too few by far, compared to others I've seen hanging arounf here. I'm up to date with the new books, too, but have read them only the once. I can only try to defend myself by admitting to a multitude of love-hate relationships with other series of books which demand my time.


Actually, I may not be a forum-person as such, or at least I'm barely a novice in Internet-Talking-Thingamajiggery, but alas will try to fit in. This should prove interesting, anyhow :)


So, off to browse. Maybe I'll even be brave enough to post something, somewhere (over the rainbow).


Toodles, everybody.

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Finland! Woot! Could you persuade Kimi Raikonen to return to F1 GP racing? Thank you.


Oh yes ... hi there :biggrin:

Don't worry about being a noob to online thingamies - many of us were when we joined here.

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Thanks for the welcome, I try not to be shy just because of my noobishness.


As for Kimi, I'd quite happily use my powers of persuation to get him to jump in a well, but I've never been too good at that :dry:


Don't get me wrong, it's not that he wasn't a decent enough driver, but here we got him in half the commercials, no matter which media. And we still do. Gets real old real quick. But it's never quick! Never, I tell you! Never!


Sorry, might have gone a bit loonie there. I'll try to keep a lid on my Kimi-hatred, for now and think only of happy thoughts... :happy:

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Oh, I've had a look, and already I can tell I'm going to be drowning in reading. Years worth of backlog for the win, as I understand the saying goes.


But really, yes, there's more than enought to intrest me, no question about it. Also, i have no doubt that I'll have questions later on, but I'm sure I can manage to ask around when the need strikes.

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Hi again! Just came back up for some fresh air and noticed getting even more profusely welcomed.


Thanks, all! :biggrin:


And even in this short time I have stopped worrying and learned to love the 'Mount. Still a bit mindful of posting - but hey, mostly because I'm working my way through threads that have met their demise years ago. You know, trying to get a feel on what topics have been reduced to the status of the proverbial dead horse (mostly in WoT theory und so weiter).


And cookies and cakes and fun and things and stuff are exactly some of my favourite things! Surprise, eh? But anyways, I'm sure you'll see me around yet.


Also, getting pounced on and then receiving green tea and cookies was a first for me. Surprisingly nice, that. :happy:

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