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Approved White Tower Bio for NSW Grey Ajah Head-- CC'd by Freelanders


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Themis do’Modron a’Rhiannon



Nation of origin: Murandy

Hair: Auburn with streaks of gray

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Pale, mostly from spending her time indoors


Description: Tall for a woman, with a strong jaw and an imposing presence, though not bulky.

Voice: Crisp, no nonsense, with no trace of any accent.

Special Skills: She has studied the laws of every known nation and maintains her own journals that account for changes made by sitting monarchs, all the way through local lords. For some regions, she has managed to keep records down to city councils and even village mayors, but those are rare.


One Power Scores: To be Assigned




Themis grew up the third daughter of a High Seat of a small house in Murandy, always knowing that their family’s position relied on the good graces of more powerful Houses. It was assumed that her eldest sister would inherit the High Seat, while the next eldest sister would marry a son of a more powerful House, hopefully bringing him into their House. Themis’ role was to be married off to another House, and for many years she had looked forward to it, especially if she could be married into a House that was strong enough on its own to not need protectors.


The summer she turned 17, her betrothed’s family insisted that she spend the Season at court. While there, Themis observed dozens of cases brought before the King. Each noble or citizen who brought their case did their best to create a legally sound (and hopefully perfect) argument. Themis found that she relished finding the flaws in their cases, watching to see if the King noticed the same flaws. Each case that was presented had its flaws exposed by the King in open Court. Eventually, Themis noticed that the King always retired to consider the cases before presenting his analysis and judgment. She originally thought he was simply consulting legal texts or thinking over the issue.



One day, Themis managed to find her way into the King’s study while he was hearing a case in his throne room. She was merely looking for a treatise on the numerous treaties between Murandy and its more Powerful neighbor to the East and North, Andor. As she flipped through the book, the doors opened, and in strode a woman in a dark green dress with the tell tale ageless face. An Aes Sedai. She stood there, staring at Themis, as a man hurried through the door behind her. It was the King.


After a brief explanation of why she was in his study, and a hasty exit, Themis put the facts together that this woman must be his Aes Sedai advisor. Themis spent several days haunting the back hallways and less used areas of the palace, hoping to run into the sister again, but she did not succeed. After two weeks, she was prepared to give up, but then her luck turned. She almost crashed directly into the Aes Sedai, while she was looking for a book in the Royal Library. The Aes Sedai then confirmed that she was a sister of the Gray Ajah, who was advising the King on how to reign justly. Apparently, the King consulted her before ruling on each case, and that was how he had caught each and every flaw.She asked the Aes Sedai to test her for the gift, and was delighted to find she could learn to channel. After apologizing to her family for breaking her engagement, she went to the Tower. It took her nineteen years to earn the Shawl, but when she did, she found her home in the Gray Ajah’s halls. Her first assignment was to advise the Queen of Arafel, where she helped avert a fierce border war between that country and Saldaea. She went on to advise more monarchs and nobles, before being called back to the Tower. The sitting Head Clerk had died in office, and her sisters had voted to appoint her to the position. She was bound to accept the appointment. Her sisters had debated most thoroughly and selected her, so she was obviously the best person for the position. It did honor her that they had done so while she was out on appointment.

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Nice bio, consise and yet complete.


Regarding the nobility of the family line:


I'll mark this family down as a minor noble. Considering her age, a lot could have happened in over a century and a half since she went to the Tower, so there's no need for this family to be one of the major nobles. I also don't think they use the title High Seat in Murandy, but that's a detail we can overlook at this time. Just keep in mind that this may change once we establish a more formal designation to Murandy nobility and royalty.



Consider this CC'd.

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