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*tugs forelock*

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Hey, ya'll, I'm Alex, but you can call me Stableboy, SoB, Baer, whatever :) I've been reading the Wheel of Time for Ages now, ever since my mother introduced it to me, and I can't really estimate how the characters and RJ's writing and style are intertwined with my life. I'm on my Nth complete reread, eager to get a handle on the breadth of the whole series up to and including Towers of Midnight and in anticipation of the release of AMoL next year, and well--it made me want to get into the community! I've lurked a bit without foisting my presence (I am but a humble stall-mucker, after all), but you are all so cool and warm and welcoming I'm finally taking the plunge. I look forward to debating, theorizing, and dreaming in these pages up to and beyond book 14!

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Welcome, Alex! That's really cool that your mum likes wot, too. My mum likes crime novels... I'd recommend you to the wot discussion board -- you sound like a mad theorist, haha. The social groups are loads of fun, too, and the RP boards are not something to miss. Welcome! :)

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Welcome to DM Alex! I'm Jea, second in command of the Band of the Red Hand's social org. It's a pretty awesome place I must say, but as myrenna said, there is plenty to do around these parts so browse around and figure out what you like!


Also, I'm a sitter of the White Tower social org's brown ajah...where we get way too excited for new books, traveling the world and overal general discussions :)


Oh and you can't forget these *hands him some of her extra special chocolate fudge brownies*


Hope to see you around!

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